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The title of this book was quite intriguing and my initial thoughts after reading the title were that it has something to do with various flowers and the stories surrounding the flowers. But Anand has proved me wrong and this I came to know only after I started reading the book, as the book blurb also didn’t give any hint of what’s inside the book.


Flowered Bytes:Book Review
Book Cover of Flowered Bytes


The Book Blurb:

Flowered Bytes is all about stories, which captures your mind. The book is not a big novel with lengthy pages but it includes crisp, concise and succinct short stories with a wide range of themes.


This book contains 16 small stories, which I can better call them as memoirs/self reminders which drive home the points very directly, without any flowery sentences. The author chooses to talk about various topics, like the importance of a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, etc. In these sections, we can understand what are the author’s core beliefs and how he has come to believe in them. He recommends various practices and foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In a few chapters, he touches upon the problems that are plaguing the current day society, like violence on Women, Environmental problems, Issues with Civil Servants. These chapters are peppered with what we as a single individual can do to help the system.


All in all, this book captures the self-love of the author and what are the steps he has taken towards the betterment of his life. The personal anecdotes are really interesting and amusing too.


The only disconnect I felt is that the continuity across various sections is missing. But on overall, this is a good read, as we can read it as a short essays/memoirs book. Job well done Anand!, as he himself pointed out in the book blurb.

About the Author:

Anand Narayanaswamy (Anand) is a freelance writer, blogger, reviewer and social media influencer based out of Kerala.  He maintains two blogs for two different niches. For the technology niche, one may find him at Netans and for all the study materials, we can find him at LearnExpress.

Reviewer’s Note: This review is a part of the Blogchatter Ebook review program. For my other reviews under this category, please click here.

Rating and other Details:

Book Title: Flowered Bytes

Genre: Anthology

Author: Anand Narayanaswamy

Number of Pages: 42

Available: PDF, Blog Chatter Library

My Rating: 4.0/5.0


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