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The Unique Blogchatter Reading Challenge for 2021

I am an ardent fan of books, and people can find me only with a book in my hand during my college days. Fast forward to my parenting years, I hardly had free time to read books with a small child at home. By the time he goes to bed, I will be exhausted and will not even have the energy to turn a page, leave alone the reading and savoring part. So, my book reading has taken a back seat during my initial parenting years.

But last year, I saw a marked difference in my reading habits due to the lockdown. My child and I have dedicated the afternoons to purely reading time. This way, both of us fall into the habit of reading together, and I can also introduce to my 8-year-old boy various genres of books apart from children’s fiction. Of course, he is a little young to understand the complete story. But I keep telling him the story I read at a high level, and he narrates back the story he reads. This is one of our favorite mom and child bonding time, which we enjoy together. As a mom, I am happy that my child avoids gadgets.

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I am already a registered book reviewer at Blogchatter. Their team keeps sending me books as per my taste, and I post my reviews regularly. Apart from those books, last year, I got my hand on many EBooks from the Blogchatter’s library, as most of those authors are my blogger friends, and this is their maiden journey into the author world. So supporting them as a fellow blogger was my responsibility. But most of the books I read are only EBooks, and they were draining my eyesight. So this year, I decided to limit my Ebook reading and go the physical way.

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That’s another reason I didn’t register for any reading challenges or the Good Reads target, as most of them are EBooks. But, when my good friends from Blogchatter informed me about the unique twist to their reading challenge, I got a little interested.

When I dug deeper, I discovered that no prescribed genre or format is attached to this challenge. It’s purely based on the reader’s wishes. That means it can comply with my restrictions of reading physical books. So, I thought, why can’t I participate in this reading challenge? So, I had set a minimum optimistic count of 24 books per year. This is significantly less when compared to the number of books I read last year. But anyway, I can revise this number every quarter with all the flexibilities given by Blogchatter.

So I am taking my plunge into this year’s #TBR Challenge with Blogchatter; what about you? Are you taking your plunge? I had already finished my first book and added that book cover on the Blogchatter website. So, you can also start adding your book covers of those you have read. I will be waiting to see yours.


  1. So happy to see you in this! Books have always been a great source of conversations at Blogchatter and I believe this year with the challenge this will only grow

    1. Yes Richa, this year with his new challenge, the conversations about Books is all set to conquer new heights at BC.

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