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Blog Tour: Katharina Deliverance by Margaret Skea

I am new to the concept of Blog tours and LoveBooksTours has accepted my request for joining their team of bloggers who would love to review the books. My first blog tour with them is in my favorite genre of historical fiction and it’s for Katharina – Deliverance by Margaret Skea.

My thoughts:


Katharina – Deliverance is a historical fictional story of Katharina Von Bora and this book is really a gripping read and unputdownable. It’s about the life journey of Katharina.

This part fiction and part historical novel showcase the true resilience and strength in the women during the medieval period. Katharina got admitted into a convent which can be as strict and as constricting as one can imagine during that period of time. Her struggles in the convent and her thought process was clearly captured by the author.

It was the period of religious revolt that started fueling based on the preachings of Martin Luther King and alike. Hundreds of nuns flee from their convents impressed by his preachings and Katharina is one among them. She flees the convent when she is around 23. Then struggling to stay alone and single during that period of time was really heart rendering and Katharina’s struggles just stay in the mind even after finishing the book.

But who can imagine that she would get to meet Martin Luther and get herself married to him? Their thoughts matched each other and they were complimenting each other in their future works. Her journey going forward as the wife of Martin Luther King is also not easy. As it was the norm of those days, she has to accept her husband’s attitude without any questioning. But being a fierce and independent lady, it was a difficult task for her. At times, she appears to be a desperate lady, who tries to take her place in the society secured. But at times, she appears to be a lady, who doesn’t care about societal norms.

This conflict in her character is what makes this novel a gripping one and no wonder this book is a RUNNER-UP for the Historical Novel Society New Novel Award 2018.

About the Author:

Margaret Skea lives with her husband in the Scottish Borders. She writes mostly historical fiction. She was awarded the Beryl Bainbridge Award for Best First Time Author 2014 and Historical Fiction Winner in the Harper Collins / Alan Titchmarsh People’s Novelist Competition for her debut novel Turn of the Tide, the sequel A House Divided was longlisted for the Historical Novel Society New Novel Award 2016. She won a lot more awards for her Katharina (it’s a two-part series books) as well. You can find her at:


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