Book Review – Eco Baby Care and Green Parenting

The moment I heard the word Green Parenting, it intrigued me a little bit, as we heard so much about Green living but never Green Parenting. I never imagined that Parenting could also be Green. So that’s why I picked up this book with curiosity.


My reverence towards the author (Pratibha) increased by a few notches the moment I read her introduction to the book. Can you imagine a six-year-old kid wondering how safe the products are and looking for Organic alternatives? If she has successfully implanted the Organic way of living even in small children, then we can pick up a few tips and secrets from her.

Pratibha has nicely divided the book into chapters based on the baby growth cycle, and every chapter has got tips as to what would be considered Green products and the benefits of using them.

She has introduced new concepts like Organic Clothing and Natural Pillows, which are not so famous but can really create an impact in the kid’s life. I have already used one of the products she has recommended in her book and am really happy with the outcome. So I think I will also happily test out her other product recommendations.


Pratibha has covered all the growth stages in a baby’s life cycle, and her recommendations are really the best and should be tried out. The tips she has given in different chapters are a must-read and easy to follow for parents.


I can think of nothing but attracting parents towards the new concept of Green Parenting.


A must-read not only for the new parents but all the parents as well to understand the number of harmful substances we use daily in our lives. Hopefully, after reading this book, at least, we will move towards more sustainable living.

About the Author:

Pratibha blogs at Pratsmusings, and she started her blog to capture her experiences as a Parent attracted to sustainable living. She is a well-known blogger and author now in this domain of sustainable living, and most the parents follow her blogs.

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Rating and other Details:

Book Title: Eco Baby Care and Green Parenting

Genre: Parenting

Author: Pratibha

Number of Pages: 37

Available: PDF, Blog Chatter Library

My Rating: 4.2/5.0

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