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Book Review: Along came A Spyder by Apeksha Rao

After reading Apeksha’s first novella “Itsy Bitsy Spyder”, I just couldn’t stop myself from grabbing the opportunity to read the “Along Came A Spyder” when BlogChatter approached me for a review. I thought that, as I am still having Samira in my mind along with her witty and sassy remarks, reading the next book about her would be my best possible treat for myself.

Genre: Young Adult, Mysteries and Thrillers

Author: Apeskha Rao

Publisher: Treeshade Books

Available at: Amazon, Good Reads

Along Came A Spyder (The Spyders #1)

My Thoughts:

I started reading my detective novels as a kid. Famous Five series were my first starting point. I graduated to Nancy Drew and then to Agatha Christie. But never seen a spy who is as witty and sassy as Samira.

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Apeksha gives the misnomers about debut novels a big run. No one can ever imagine that “Along came the Spyder” is her debut novel. She has already proven her wit and sarcasm in her earlier novella. In this novel, she weaves a thicker plot with nerve-wracking scenes. But has never gone overboard on emotions in any situation. Even in the scenes where one would expect the mother to go emotional, one can only see the tinge of those emotions which are in fact concealed by the duties.

This book is a fast-paced one and makes the reader finishes the entire novel in one go. The characters like Milli, Debbie, and Tina also steal the reader’s hearts with their quirky mannerisms. The author makes each and every character very unique and special.

I am not giving any spoilers about the plot or the story here, as there might be more books in this series, and revealing more about the plot only spoils the anticipation.

Samira and her friends are typical teenage girls equipped with high-tech gadgets and going to regular colleges. So you can imagine how tough it would be on them if their Internet privileges are cut. It’s just loosing their right arm. This kind of teenage kid’s views and attitude is what makes this book more attractive.

My recommendations:

If asked to review this book in just two sentences, my comment would be like:

“Along Came the Spyder” takes you on a long rough, racy tour of the Spyworld to show that only best can survive”. This book is an ideal gift for all young adults.

I just can’t wait to read the next books in this series.

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About the Author:

Apeskha Rao is a YA writer from India. She has written a lot of short stories and horror, mysteries. She specializes in writing the YA genre. While not writing books, one can find her on her blog where she chooses to talk about her passions.

Apeksha Rao

Her debut books based on the teenage girl Samira have both have become big hits on Amazon.

You can follow her at:




Author’s Note: I had received this book in exchange for an honest review from Blogchatter as a part of the Blogchatter Book review program. My reviews are in no way impacted due to this.

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