What are the necessary amenities that I look for while searching for the house

The Pandemic has taken a toll on various sectors all over the world. Now with the pandemic restrictions, slowly easing out, different sectors are taking time to bounce back. People have not imagined that the Real Estate sector would pick up easily. But their projections have gone wrong, as there is a definitive increase in the real estate buying/selling. Despite the drop in the family income, some people wanted to have a house/plot on their own, so that they can provide a healthier environment for their families. So, the following are the amenities that I would look for while searching for the house as a parent:

Amenities that I would look for while searching for a house:

As a mom, my foremost responsibility towards my family members is their health and safety. That’s the reason why I would look for:

  1. Green Living: Living closer to nature will provide us with better air quality and better ambiance. So the community in which we are going to buy our house should have ample greenery in the form of trees, shrubs, and gardens. So, the early morning or evening walks amidst this greenery would be sufficient to refill my family member’s energy levels.
  2. Well-ventilated Houses: The apartments/houses should be well ventilated and not pretty much next to the other apartment/house. That way, there would be ample flow of light and air into the house, which would bring positive energy into the house
  3. Kid-Friendly Spaces: The community should have ample space for kids to play and run around. We are not looking just for some air-conditioned playrooms. The kids need space to run around without bothering about the vehicular traffic or intruders/strangers. So that means, there should be some open ground or open areas for kids to play around. Any additional amenities like swimming pools and play courts for various games would be an additional bonus. The in-house creche or the daycare system would also be an added advantage for the parents with younger children.
  4. Elderly Friendly atmosphere: The community should have enough seating arrangements and be elderly-friendly as well. So, our parents can have their evening walks and chit-chats with their friends. As the elder people are also part of the family, the community should have more elderly-friendly amenities like elevators, in-house doctors, and stuff like that.
  5. Provision for Home Office: Remote working and remote learning has become the new normal post the pandemic. So, the house/apartment which we are looking at should have the flexibility to convert one room into the home office or can be used for homeschooling. So, the other family members can use the rest of the house without any disturbance.
  6. Community Living: The reason why we started preferring community living post-pandemic is that in the community we will have everything within our complex itself and we need not have to step out for anything else. The grocery stores, cafes, fitness gym, in-house doctor, and a whole lot of other amenities are becoming available these days in community living.
  7. The most important aspect of Safety: Safety and well-being are of the utmost importance for anyone. As a parent, I should be able to feel safe to let my kid go and play on his own. Or even let my parents go for a walk without any help. So the safety of the complex is more important to me.

After listing down all the necessary amenities that I look for while searching for my house, my first thought is whether I would be able to afford such a house in a decent locality or not. Whether everything would fit into my budget or not. Then I came to know about the KAGAAY app.

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About KAGAAY App:

KAGAAY is the real estate startup that came up recently under the AtmaNirbhar Bharat initiative in November 2019. This is a gamified sales enablement platform, designed to pull in sales for real estate properties and presenting the on-boarded properties to honest and genuine buyers who are in the need of buying a property at a fair price.

Though their digital startup is a new venture, the KAGAAY team has over three hundred years of experience in real estate and is currently adapting themselves for the digitization trends in the real estate market. They have built a beautiful gaming app focussing on providing technology-powered online solutions for the real estate industry.

What are the benefits of using KAGAAY app:

The following are the benefits that I could see after downloading the KAGAAY app:

  • This is an interactive platform between Buyers and Sellers and lists down the genuine properties that are both old and new.
  • This app contains all the different types of properties like commercial, residential, farmlands, and plots.
  • This is the first Start-up in the real estate sector, which contains the inbuilt facilities for providing End to End Sales Solutions to the Realty Industry
  • It’s a comprehensive sales engine for realty withdraws of lots, flash sales, and e-auction, the first in India.

Why KAGAAY app suited me?

Though we have decided to invest and buy our house, we are not yet ready to go out and search in the open market in this post-pandemic world. As a parent, I was worried about the risks me or my husband would have to face when we keep visiting so many houses and interacting with so many people. How much ever we are cautious, if the other person doesn’t follow the healthy protocol, we would not only be at risk, we would be passing that risk to both the elderly and young people at home.

So that way, KAGAAY came to our rescue, as this totally online. We are able to view the properties also online through virtual tours. This would enable us to search the houses from the safety and comfort zone of our house only.

Additionally, at KAGAAY:

  • All the properties that are listed are totally genuine in nature. So I need not have to worry about any scams.
  • My personal data is safe and secured.
  • I do get good discounts from the realtors so that I can save my hard-earned money.
  • I can be assured of timely transactions and don’t have to waste my time roaming around.
  • Everything is digitized, so I can trust the documents.
  • I also, get to participate in various events that are hosted by KAGAAY, which gives me more discounts and additional advantages.

So that’s the reason why I am recommending the KAGAAY app to my friends and family. This app is available for both Android and IOS users in their respective play store. So one can easily download this app from their play store or visit the KAGAAY home page and download the same by clicking here. Please do check this app once and let me know your thoughts on the same in the comments below.

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