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Till date, we would have heard about various doctors in their profession like medical doctors, homeopathy doctors, the people who have earned their Ph.D’s. But have you heard about Road Doctor at any time? This is one degree that wasn’t awarded by any institute after completing a course. But was given by the people to a person fondly! Getting curious now, isn’t it?

There is this person by name Mr. Gangadhara Tilak from Hyderabad who spends his own time and pension money in filling the potholes on the roads on which we also travel daily, to save our lives.

This all started after him witnessing an accident due to a pothole. This is the same pothole, where his car skidded and splashed the stagnant rainwater on to the school going kids and spoiled their dresses. He, being a concerned citizen informed the nearest police officer about this pothole and requested the authorities intervention to close it at the earliest.

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But nothing happened and after a week, a city bus has rammed into an autorickshaw and crushing a person to instant death. This was the turning point to Gangadhar sir, as he thought had someone filled up this pothole, life wouldn’t have wasted today. So he decided to take up that task onto himself, embracing Gandhian philosophy of

“Be the Change that you wish to see in the world”

From then onwards, there is no turning point for him, he started spending all his pension amount of 20,000 rupees in buying sand and cement. His car trunk would always have the gunny sacks full of this concrete mixture, which he used during his lunchtime to fill the potholes on the roads.

Prior to this incident, he was leading a retired life, as he retired from South Indian Railways. But since he started using all his pension funds, he also started working in a software company as a consultant, in Hyderabad to maintain his household.

Seeing his hard work, even few police officials started helping him in filling up the potholes. Slowly, his work has been noticed by the Corporation of Hyderabad and they also started sharing his expenses. Kids who are seeing him do this work daily started calling him Road Doctor or the Pothole uncle. That’s how his new name and degrees came to him. He has filled up more than 1500 potholes all by himself.

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Now since this Road Doctor or Pothole man is getting funds from GHMC, he has resigned his job in the software consultancy and started working full time in closing the potholes on the Hyderabad roads. His daily household expenses are being taken care of by his son.

Gangadhar sir’s son has helped him create a Facebook page and website to spread Gangadhar sir’s passion and hard work to other cities. Now the NGO Shramadaan has extended its services to other states like Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Please find the attached interview with Gangadhar sir in English.


This is part of my Positive Humans series I have been writing on people who are an inspiration, motivation with their attitude of gratitude and ever helping nature.  

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