Book Review – Minor Characters Major Stories: Readomania Shots

This book is a collection of four short stories, capturing the struggles of the ordinary people in ordinary India. The stories are set at a realistic pace and run deep into your psyche that at every turn of the page, one would end up guessing what would happen next to the character.

Realistic Struggles of Major Characters

Each story could be picturized visually and the reader could become the main protagonist of the story. Though these are the short stories, they actually stay in the mind for a lot longer. That’s mainly because of the reader associating himself with the protagonist.

The first story deals with the struggles of a woman who stays on the dirty side of a city and gets married to a pimp. The second story deals with the struggle of a couple and their inability to conceive a child. The third story captures the struggle of a girl in handling her autistic brother. The final story deals with the struggle of a writer trying to come back after a hiatus.


Mahesh’s stories capture the realistic struggles and that too in a very subtle and matured way. The reader starts feeling for the character and becomes the main protagonist by the end of the story. All the stories ending is so subtle and highlights the current day’s reality in India. This kind of ending puts one into pondering mode and it takes a while to digest the facts.


The ending of these stories came in real quick and I was actually craving for more, especially in the first two stories. Otherwise, they are no major cons in this sweet little book.


All in all, this book is a good read if one is looking for real stories. Also, the time taken to complete this book is shorter, so can easily read it while waiting for an appointment or something like that.

Rating and other Details:

Book Title: Minor Characters Major Stories: Readomania Shots

Genre: Fiction – Short Stories

Author: Mahesh Sowani

Number of Pages: 36

Available: Kindle Edition

Price: Rs 49 or Free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Amazon Link for Purchase: Minor Characters Major Stories: Readomania Shots


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