Book Review – Creative Kids by Surabhi Prapanna

During the A2Z challenge, I read some of the blogs from Surabhi and really liked a few of them, and we did try a few, like (homemade bubble mixture and others). I was waiting for this book (Creative Kids), as in between, due to my travel, I missed a couple of days’ reading.

Review of Creative Kids:

This book contains all the creative works that we can do with the kids with the materials available in the house. The instructions to complete the craft works have been given in a detailed manner, and they can be completed with minimal adult supervision.

Apart from the craft works, Surabhi also mentioned a few important topics for a child’s growth, like “how to convert your child into a positive child”, “the importance of physical fitness”, etc. If we go by Google trends, these are the topics that most parents also struggle to inculcate these traits in their kids.


The best part of the creative works mentioned by Surabhi, 90-95% of them could be done with the items available at home. As stated in her book, these are the crafts works that can be handled by a kid completely on his own when the end product photo is shown to him.

There is a surprise element for me in this Creative Kids book too. Not able to believe what it can be in an activity book for kids, isn’t it? It’s basically the hair packs. Inculcating a good hair care routine in girls is a must, irrespective of them having long or short hair. I really didn’t expect it here, but it was captured in a short and concise way. My niece loved it, actually, as I was reading this book, and she is going to try it at home.

Surabhi has done complete justice to her book, and her writing style is also simple and elegant.


These simple crafts are making us ask more of them, and the book got over fast. ? But honestly, there are no negatives that I can pinpoint in this book.


This book is a must-read for all parents who want to keep their kids active and away from gadgets. The activities listed in this book give us more ideas, and an activity corner could be implemented in the house for the kids.

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Rating and other Details:

Book Title: Creative Kids

Genre: Parenting

Author: Surabhi Prapanna

Number of Pages: 81

Available: PDF, Blog Chatter Library

My Rating: 4.5/5.0


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  2. Good review. Useful post. Already downloaded and reading.

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