Book Review: Put your best Foot forward

As stated earlier, I am not a big fan of self-help books and mindful practice books. But after reading Priyanka’s book in the #BlogchatterEbookcarnival, I thought of checking the other titles in the same genre and this title, Put your best foot forward, caught my attention.

Honestly, the book blurb is also intriguing, but what caught my attention is “Training your mind in the right way at the right time makes our life easier and productive”.  Though almost all individuals train or talk to their minds to get the desired results knowingly or unknowingly, stating it so explicitly and making the mind a servant to you was what made me pick up this book.


I can confidently say that “Put your best foot forward” is a handbook of sorts for the layman who is not an expert in the Mental Health field. All the concepts and ideas have been explained in finer detail so that a layman reading the book for the first time can understand very easily.  The author “Darshana” has done her research well, so she explained these concepts in very simple terms.

Darshana has picked up those concepts which are dealt with on a day-to-day basis in every individual’s life. That’s the reason why she has picked up the topics like “Social Anxiety,” “Restlessness,” and “Procrastination,” among others, which are currently plaguing society.


Darshana has wisely picked up the 26 elements of Mental Health that need more awareness in today’s world. The quotes she used in each and every chapter made the chapter more interesting.

The best part I felt is that each chapter was arranged section-wise, and all the tips and techniques for each element have been bulleted for easy and quick reference.


Made me a self-help book addict now, with the second interesting book in this genre. ?  I am not an expert in this genre so that I couldn’t identify any.


A good and highly recommended handbook in the self-help genre for all Mental Health issues.

About the Author:

Darshana Sarmah is one of those few professional bloggers whose niche is Mental Health. We can find her blogs at lovehealthfamily. Using this platform, she chooses to create awareness around various aspects/elements of Mental Health.

Reviewer’s Note:

Rating and other Details:

Book Title: Put your best foot forward

Genre: Travel

Author: Darshana Sarmah

Number of Pages: 72

Available: PDF, Blog Chatter Library

My Rating: 4.2/5.0

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