Book Review – Thoughts and Conversations; Cafes in Delhi

People who love their coffee or even Tea would like to sit leisurely and enjoy the taste of their beverage. To enjoy their cup of tea or coffee, the surroundings also matter. If we have an ambient atmosphere to enjoy our tea/coffee with our friends/family, then that cup of tea/coffee will remain etched in our memory. The cafe culture started in India, keeping this in mind only. Geethica Mehra’s book (Thoughts and Conversations Cafes in and Around Delhi) brings out all those hidden cafes in Delhi. She has chosen mostly the cafes that are well hidden from the busy world and would offer you a very leisurely experience.

Cafes in Delhi:Thoughts and Conversations: (Book review)


The way, Geethica introduces all the cafes with her personal anecdotes gives a nice story-reading experience rather than reading the travelogues. She makes this book so personal by listing the details about the romantic dates she and her husband had at various cafes and how she enjoyed some cafes with her children.

The way she describes the interiors of the cafe, we would virtually get transferred into those cafes and start enjoying with her.


Geethica has planned this book to the utmost detail, as she mentions the costs for each cafe and even gives the landmarks for the nearest public transport stops.   She also pins the cafe in google maps, which makes it very easier for the reader.


She got me tempted to visit cafes in Chennai now, as to date, that was far off from our restaurant list. Now I need to search for cafes that are kid-friendly and try them with my kid. ??


I can visualize this book as a glossy coffee table with beautiful pictures. If this book comes out in glossy format, I think all the cafes in Delhi would proudly display it in their collection.

About the Author:

Geethica Mehra is a professional blogger and freelance content writer. You can find her on her blog “thoughtsbygeethica”. She blogs on various topics like Parenting, Motivation, Relationship, and Entertainment, to name a few. mainly about skin and hair care. She also blogs about travel and food too. She recommends mostly Organic beauty care products.

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Rating and other Details:

Book Title: Thoughts and Conversations Cafes in and Around Delhi

Genre: Travel

Author: Geethica Mehra

Number of Pages: 75

Available: PDF, Blog Chatter Library

My Rating: 4.2/5.0

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