Book Review – Travel India with a toddler

Though I read a lot of books, travel books are one genre I never ventured into. Because I feel that reading travel books and planning your travel spoils travel’s thrill and surprise element.  One tends to travel only for relaxation and to have the missing surprise element in their daily lives, isn’t it?

But “Growingwithnemit” is one blog I heard about (rather saw) on Twitter a lot during the A2Z campaign, and I was curious to see what this blog and book (Travel India with a toddler) really holds. That’s why I first picked up this book in this genre compared to my other favorite books. So, honestly, I didn’t know what am going to read in this book.

Review of Travel India with a toddler:

This book is not a typical travel book that lists the places to cover and things to do in different places. It covers how to plan your trip with kids and elders in the family.  Having said that, don’t think that this book doesn’t have the places to see; it covers the places to visit on each trip and the precautions to take while going there.

This book also covers how the planning has to be done, keeping the seasons and journey times from one place to the other. After all this planning and undertaking the trip, one would expect a nice memoir of the trip. The author Neha doesn’t disappoint us there, too, as at the end of each trip, she gives her personal memoir with her personal photographs, which are just awesome.


Neha shows us how to preserve our memories of every trip in a unique way by mingling with the local people. Small kids tend to remember people for long rather than places. So her tip regarding this one is really special to me.

Another wonderful concept she has put forward in her book is to plan the trip around the kid’s schedule of nap times and food habits. Normally this is one point that most adults would miss out on.

Neha has captured all the important points to be remembered while planning the family travel at the end of her book, which is a must-read for all.


Though the book is exhaustive in terms of planning and making memories with kids and elders, too, including the personal memoirs, the only part I missed out in the entire book is the views of the other family members who traveled along. Especially what the kid liked the most and how he enjoyed it.  Some anecdotes on the quirky things the kids take from each travel would make the book more kid-centric.  This view may be due to the fact that I, as an author, write more from a kid’s viewpoint.


This book is a must-read for all parents as it shows the importance of careful planning that must go on every trip. Leaving it to third-party travel organizers will not give us these long-lasting memories. The tips she gives at the end of her book are valuable for every traveler.

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Rating and other Details:

Book Title: Travel India with a Toddler

Genre: Travel

Author: Neha Sharma

Number of Pages: 154

Available: PDF, Blog Chatter Library

My Rating: 4.2/5.0


  1. Hi Suhasini, thanks for writing this review. First of all, I am glad to know that my blog was able to cause a stir during A2Z which made you curious to know more about my work. This is a huge compliment for me. Secondly, I am truly grateful to you for sharing your views & suggestions on my book, I’ll definitely keep your pointers in mind while re-editing the book. Thank you once again ?

    1. Thank you for receiving the comments in a positive sense.

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