Book Review – The adventures of the JP family

The title intrigued me, so I downloaded it without much trepidation, and this book lived up to my expectations. So have to really applaud Radhika Acharya’s fine writing skills to make this book, The adventures of the JP family interesting and engaging read.

This is one book I can strongly say to have on your reading table (or tea table if you have one at home) all the time, as it has the power to lift one’s mood with its subtle humor and amusing short stories.

The Adventures of the Jp Family Book Cover

Review: of The adventures of the JP family

This book contains 26 short amusing stories which are laden with good and healthy humor. The story is set in a typical town in India, and the protagonists are from typical Indian middle-class families. So it’s very easy to relate to one or the other protagonist in the stories. We can find similar behavior or traits in one or another relative, friends, or at least some acquaintance.

All the stories revolve around one single center point and wouldn’t get deviated unnecessarily from it. Which makes the stories interesting and keeps the readers guessing at the end of the stories. But the ending is never the same, and small but subtle turns taken by the author in those stories would leave the reader smiling, if not spellbound, as his/her guess wouldn’t be the ending.


The book’s highlight is the innovative way to build amusing stories on difficult letters without digressing from the main theme.

Though the JP family is from Karnataka, one can easily imagine similar versions of this family across various states in India. As the local touch of the stories takes the reader back to his/her roots.

Language is simple yet, contains both the vernacular versions of English (I mean Indianised English and the typical English used by today’s youth)


I am craving more of these amusing stories and started thinking as to why English has only 26 letters.  Jokes apart, there are no negatives that I could find in this book.


All in all, this book is another best book I came across in the Blog Chatter EBook Carnival, and worth reading it and sharing it with other friends for their reading.  Radhika has got us glued to her short stories with JP uncle and aunty. I can confidently say that this is one of the mood-lifter books with subtle humor.


Please make a series of JP uncle and family across India so that you would get more audience. He can be the new face of a typical Pan Indian for the world, as he got all the characteristics to make one.

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Rating and other Details:

Book Title: The Adventures of JP Family

Genre: Anthology

Author: Radhika Acharya

Number of Pages: 61

Available: PDF, Blog Chatter Library

My Rating: 4.5/5.0


  1. I love books like this for my coffee table. Great review!

  2. That’s a wonderful review. I am looking forward to reading this book very soon.

    1. Yes please definitely read it, it’s such a mood lifter u know

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