Book Review of Only You by Andaleeb Wajid

Book Review: Only You by Andaleeb Wajid

I picked up this book, Only You after hearing the author Andaleeb Wajid in a panel discussion. In that session, the she spoke about how to carve out various characters in the story. Her tips were very useful for people like me who are still trying hard to put their stories through. So, when her book Only you came up in the Blogchatter’s Book Review program, I grabbed it immediately.

Genre: Romance

Format: Kindle

Publisher: Self-Publishing through Amazon Kindle

Publication Date: 5-March-2021

Available at: Amazon, Good Reads

Book Blurb:

Disabled, unmarriageable, a burden – Ghazal Ahmed is tired of the tags she’s lived with all her life. Her parents want her married and off their hands. She wants peace in their estranged family and a life of her own, one that involves her work and dare she hope, someone who loves her?

Divorced, bitter, angry – Hamdaan Ali wants nothing to do with love and marriage. But he’s willing to sacrifice himself for his family’s happiness. Until he realises his sacrifice might just be his redemption. Will Ghazal be able to heal Hamdaan’s battered heart?

Can Hamdaan forget the pain of his past and love Ghazal the way she’s always hoped for and truly deserves?

My Thoughts on the book Only You:

As stated earlier, Only You is my first book by Andaleeb and her way of telling the story has inspired me a lot. The way she built the characters right from the first page till the end is very inspiring. The way characters navigate through different emotions and go about their daily lives will remind the reader about their own daily lives. All the characters in the novel are so relatable to someone you may know in your life.

The frustration of Ghazal with her aunt’s behavior and the way, Ghazal’s mom silences her, with just a stare. Who can say that they are fictional characters? These are the very same people with whom we grew up. The friction between the modern and conservative thought processes is all that we have experienced during our growing up years. So obviously, all these characters are very relatable.

The way, Andaleeb kept the readers glued to the book by revealing the different layers of each character slowly is beautiful. Otherwise, in a normal romance, people tend to skip pages. The author has taken care to mold each and every character in the book very carefully. The unique traits in every character make them unforgettable.

For example, Ghazal has been seen as a feisty character, who is not limited by her disability in the beginning. Then she would just come across as shy and vivacious at the same time during her meeting with Hamazad. If the reader is not attracted by her strong will and determination in the middle of the story, definitely he would be smitten by Ghazal who is ready to pounce upon Hamzad when she heard the rumors about him. What a character Ghazal is that traveling along with her in the story really takes you on a roller coaster ride.

My Recommendations:


This book, Only you is not a typical romantic story that can be read and thrown away. The characters are sketched with multiple layers and their emotions are so real. That’s what makes this book a page-turner. Even the love-making scenes have been dealt with in such a subtle way that gives a refreshing treat of the senses to the reader.I could finish the entire book in a single sitting.

I liked the central theme of the book, two disabled or damaged goods trying to mend their hearts and emotions with each other’s support.

Though this is the fifth book in the “Destination Wedding Series” by Andaleeb, this book alone is worth reading. Definitely, the other characters sketched in this book would make the reader grab the other books in this series. Happy Reading of this entire series to you all.

Note: I got this book for free from the author through Blogchatter Book Review program in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Oh wow, you have rated this book quite high. I will surely pick it up for a quick read.
    Looking forward to next post, until then happy blogging.

    1. Thank you Deepika. Yes, I couldn’t put the book down yesterday and had my lunch as an evening snack, as I started reading the book around 1 PM. Can you imagine that this book “Only You” has done that to me?

  2. Looks like a good book with an interesting plot…

    1. Yes, its really a good book to read on a weekend.

  3. Heya, thanks for sharing your review on the book. This indeed seems like a good book to pick up. Let me check out Only You!

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