My top 5 reasons to watch Jersey Movie with Kids

Yesterday,  we went to a Telugu movie “Jersey” after a really long time. This time we took my kid also along with us, as my kid is a cricket fanatic and his love for cricket grew along with him.

Movie: Jersey
Rating: 4.5/5
 Sithara Entertainments
Cast: Nani, Shraddha Srinath, Sathya Raj, Praveen, Sampath, and others
Written and direction: Gowtam Tinnanuri
Release date: April 19, 2019

Genre: Sports Movie

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Normally my kid would sleep off in most of the movies after having his share of popcorn and french fries. I can very confidently say that this may be his first movie, where he was awake the whole time. So while we were having our dinner and discussing the movie, my kid too pitched into the discussions and his viewpoints showed us the movie in a new limelight.

Story Line: 

Jersey” Movie is all about a retired cricketer trying to come back into league matches and the struggles he has to face during that time. Nani (Arjun) retires from cricket at the prime age of 26 but will not be able to adjust into the life other than the cricketer. Then when he gets a chance to become a cricket coach, he realizes that his dream and passions are still alive in him and he wants to play in the league matches rather than coach the new cricketers.


All the actors performed at their best. Nani steals the entire show with his mature performance. He never went overboard when he projected his struggles as a person who lost his job and his dreams in the first half. In the second half, we could see the change in his mannerisms as he gains confidence in himself, as he starts playing the league matches. Rest all the actors also have done their justice to their roles. None have gone overboard.

Top 5 reasons to watch “Jersey” movie with Kids:

  1. Today’s generation of entitled kids would know how tough it would be to get an Indian Jersey, costing 500 rs for certain people. They would be able to relate to the young kid in the movie. So it teaches them that “sabar ka phal meetha Hota Hai” 
  2. Never Give up Attitude: Nani waits patiently till most of the wickets have fallen in the exhibition match to show is batting power.  Even on the practice fields, the coach ignores him initially and doesn’t give him the batting. Nani waits patiently for his turn, without giving up.
  3. Grueling practice sessions: Nani’s hard work to earn his place back on the Ranji team shows the kids, the amount of hard work that’s required from their side to reach the first place.
  4. Team Spirit: The team spirit and the fact that there are no individual cricketers in the team, but they are all one and same has been highlighted by the conversation between Naani and the other co-actor.  This conversation got etched in my kid’s brain and he started telling let’s play for the team.
  5. Father is the Super Hero: For my six-year-old kid, the best scene out of the entire movie is that the kid (Nani’s kid), sticking his dad’s photo on the cupboard as his cricketing idol. This is one place where all kids would equate to as most of them keep their father’s on that mantle already.

Though as parents, we want our kids to remember a few other points like the

  • The price, Nani has to pay in the league matches
  • The unimportance that was given by Nani’s family for the news about Nani in News Papers. That is ignoring the publicity in media.

The kids would definitely remember the famous sixer from Nani in which the car windshield broke.

For kids, the above mentioned top 5 reasons are enough to watch the movie, “Jersey” and associate themselves with Ronit (the boy who played Nani’s son in the movie). Overall, “Jersey” is a full-fledged sports movie which gives you a lot of inspiration and teaches you how the life of a sports person would be.  This summer, please do take your kids to watch the “Jersey” movie and teach them the importance of sports. We both (mom and son) strongly recommend this movie for all the kids.


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  1. Perhaps I will show my grandsons this movie. They need to know the hard work that goes behind any successful story. I hope the movie is subtitled though as we only understand Marathi and Hindi

    1. That’s so sweet of you. Thanks for the kind words. Yes certain prints are with English subtitles and the one we watched has them.

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