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Important tips from the well-known Author Preeti Shenoy in Blogchatter Writfest

I always wait eagerly for Blogchatter’s Writfest throughout the year, as this is one of the important campaigns, in which we get to interact with seasoned authors and ask our questions. Blogchatter always ensures that all the bloggers get the equal opportunity to interact with the authors and ask questions either in the live sessions or in the exclusive sessions. This time they started their first exclusive sessions with Preeti Shenoy in the Blogchatter Writfest season 6.


I was first introduced to Preeti Shenoy’s writing also through the Blogchatter Book review program and became a fan of her writing and how she keeps the audience completely hooked to the book. I had read most of her books and every one of them keeps the audience totally hooked and the audience would love to complete the book in a single sitting if possible. As a budding author of children’s fiction, this is one trait that I am trying to acquire through my regular writing.

Just then, I got the chance to take part in the exclusive session with Preeti Shenoy, and coincidentally the topic is also “Writing Engaging Stories”. So its like, yes the time has come for me to really ask all my questions to Preeti Shenoy, hence I immediately filled up the form and kept my fingers crossed, till the time, I received my ticket for this exclusive session.

It was a short session and got completed within 40 minutes. But the time just flew out of the window, with lots of tips shared by Preeti. I am just sharing a few key points here for the benefit of all.

  1. Most budding authors fail at the opening statement of the story. It can be just about anything. It can be a description of the scene or mental mindset of the protagonist or even the protagonists thoughts. As long as it’s able to capture the reader’s audience and make them feel like reading the next para, it’s fine to use any of the opening statements.
  2. While planning the story outline, it helps the author to first plan out of all the characteristics of the protagonists. There are so many forms of questionnaires available on the internet about the basic character definitions, which would help the budding authors greatly.
  3. Preeti also mentioned the places to use the hook statements appropriately. The hook statements are the ones that would leave the reader curious about the future happenings. So that way, the reader will keep reading one chapter after the other, instead of putting it down.
  4. The pace of the story or even the pace of the emotion would be decided by the characters if we decide to follow the flow of our own imagination. Her advice to this question is to first chalk out our characters in the story and give them life by defining various traits and characteristics of them. Then the characters would lead the story. As a writer, we need to fine-tune this pace during editing and rewriting.
  5. The best point I liked is to avoid writer’s block. Preeti mentioned that when we are suffering from the writer’s block, then we can use the technique of describing the room or a situation we are in to a blind person. That way, our block would be removed.

These are a few important points that I had noted from the exclusive session with Preeti Shenoy in Blogchatter Writfest. Though she talked about a lot more points, I thought of capturing the ones that really caught me and which I am planning to implement in my next Shrav vs Sana series.

This session is really a good one that connected the readers with the authors as per this year’s theme of Blogchatter Writfest. This post is written as a part of Blogchatter Writfest Season 6.

PS: I am honestly, surprised and delighted to be the Blogchatter giveaway winners for this exclusive session with Preeti Shenoy. I would be receiving her book, which I would be reviewing here. Isn’t it really wonderful???

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