The Family that #ShareTheLoad stays together

Three months back, our entire world went into the topsy-turvy mode with the announcement of #Lockdown 1.0. All of us are forced to stay inside the house, locked up and that too, without any luxuries (which we never thought till that date as luxuries). All the services that were outsourced till date like cooking, laundry, housekeeping all fell back on us, as no one can come into the house or we can go out. So, in most of the houses, all this extra load would have fallen on the poor mommy’s shoulder. But not in our house, as we believe in the #ShareTheLoad concept.


My child always loves helping me in Laundry and watering the plants. They are the most simple tasks for any kid to jump in and help. In fact, those are the first tasks that we can entrust any child very easily. Water entices all the children and they start #SharingtheLoad without even noticing. That’s my mantra in teaching my child to start #ShareTheLaundry activity. Every weekend, he and his dad take control over putting clothes in the washing machine and drying them.

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During this lockdown, I am teaching him to start folding the laundry as well and he loves matching the clothes, accessories. He loves to sit with this task for a long time, which in turn means that he is away from the gadgets for me. And also the reduction of the load on me in the form of #ShareTheLoad isn’t it?


This lockdown, with no-cook available, preparing the meal four times a day, as per the individual choices is no easy task for mother. The current generation kids are used so much to having pizza and burgers outside that they forgot to eat and relish the traditional Indian foods. As a parent, we can’t deny them their favorites but at the same time, can’t take them out to pizzerias and burger joints. So the next best option is to prepare their favorite food at home itself.

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The day, we started making Pizza at home, my kid started stepping into the kitchen to help me in kneading the dough and preparing the pizza base. Till to date, all his kitchen tasks were limited to only baking in the microwave, without messing his fingers or hands. But to knead the dough, one needs to use their hands. And in fact, the kneading gives strength to their tiny little fingers. So I am happy at the improvement of my child’s fine motor skills and he is happy to eat the pizza, that’s shaped in the different continent, country or the landform shapes, instead of the plain old boring triangle pizza. My hubby is happy that we both are bonding nicely without fighting over the cooking. This lockdown has given us a wonderful chance to create wonderful family memories. Aren’t we really blessed that way?

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Author’s Note: This post is a part of the #ShareTheLoad campaign from Ariel. The campaign tag line is: “‘I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda

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