5 Best games to improve Kids Concentration and focus

As a parent, most of us want our kids to concentrate on their studies or their passions. Most of us are always on the lookout for ways to improve the kid’s concentration and focus. After the advent of Online Schools, the kid’s concentration levels have dropped further. As they are forced to sit down in front of the gadgets and watch the teacher for a long duration of time. The typical complaint we get to hear from the parents is that the kids are not paying attention to the classes and are not willing to complete their homework. So, this blog aims at discussing the tips and games to improve then concentration and focus in kids.

Reasons for Lack of Concentration and Focus in Kids.

Kids are by nature curious and explorative. Have you observed any toddlers, how they get engrossed in an activity that interests them? That activity might be really silly or meaningless for us, but till the time the child is satisfied and could find all the answers to his unexpressed questions, he will not be leaving that activity.

But then, as the child enters the school, his focus levels keep dropping. The reasons for the drop in their focus and attention span are as follows:

  • Inability to sustain a train of thoughts for a longer time
  • Inability to sit still without any movement and focussing on the lectures
  • Lack of Interest
  • The work is not challenging or motivating them
  • Not able to understand the subject or the work at hand or its significance.

Also, we need to understand that the kid’s brain is still developing and hence their attention span and concentration levels are also developing. As per the latest research done by various child psychologists, the average attention span of kids is as follows:

Average Attention Span in Kids

AgeAverage Duration Kids are Able to Focus
3 years old6 – 15 minutes
4 years old8 – 20 minutes
5 years old10 – 25 minutes
6 years old12 – 30 minutes
7 years old14 – 35 minutes
8 years old16 – 40 minutes
9 years old18 – 40 minutes
10-12 years old20 – 45 minutes
Source: Various Research articles and blogs

We can’t expect the kid to sit still and focus on the task at hand unless it’s really interesting and challenging to them. So, we need to use the tools or games that are fun for the kids and at the same time would improve their concentration and focus levels. There are a lot of apps and games available online for the same purpose.

But, I have chosen not to discuss them as playing those games can also be considered as gadget time for the kids. And, I am trying to reduce the screen time for my kid. So, here are few games that we have decided to use and have seen good improvement in my child.

Indoor Games that help in improving Kids Concentration and Focus

The following are a few of the indoor games that we can play with kids starting from four years onwards. Playing these games with the kids not only relaxes us but also improves our bonding with the kids.

  1. Fish Game:

This is a musical game to fish using fishing rods. This game is suitable for kids as young as three years and above. For little kids, this game improves the hand to eye coordination as well as their focus and concentration.

For the older kids, we can use a lot of permutations based on the color of the fishes, the slots in which the fishes are present, using timers, etc. Kids below ten years just love this game and would love to play with increasing difficulty levels. There are a lot of smaller versions available online too.

2. Brainvita Game

Though this game figures mainly in the logical/critical thinking game, it can also be used to improve the kid’s focus. Kids love playing with marbles and fingering them while playing. So they tend to sit when a timer is used along with this game. We use a timer and also increase the difficulty levels by removing few marbles from the board on purpose.

Leaving only one marble on the board is a tough job for the younger kids. So based on their age, we can change the difficulty levels. This game also improves the fine motor skills of the kids.

3. Crosswords

Christmas Crossword Puzzle Printable - Thrifty Momma's Tips
Source: Free Websites

Crosswords are the earliest known indoor brainy game that not only improves the vocabulary, but also the concentration of the kids. Once the kids get addicted to this game, it’s very difficult to get them out of it. We use these games (printed booklets) as the boredom busters during the travel.

The difficulty levels of the crosswords could be chosen based on the age of the kids. There are a lot of websites that offer free crossword puzzles based on different themes. So we can take few printouts and keep them handy.

We can even get a couple of pre-printed books from Amazon based on different themes that interest the kids.

4. Sudoku Puzzles:

Most of us are aware of the sudoku puzzles and think that these are mainly for adults. But kids love to play the sudokus along with the adults. We can use block or picture sudokus to get the kids enticed. This game not improves the concentration of the kids but also improves their logical reasoning as well.

These puzzles are also available on different sites for free downloads or we can make one easily based on our kid’s interests and tastes. I got few books from Amazon for easy use during travel.

5. Chess:

A chess game doesn’t require any introduction or description. This is one of the oldest games known to improve logical reasoning, concentration, and focus. Introducing a chess game to your kids at the earliest age not only improves their concentration and focus but also improves family bonding. A serious game of chess would take a lot of time and our kids are away from the gadgets for that long time. Isn’t it a double bonus?

Outdoor Games that improve the Kids Concentration

Some kids are not the indoor types. Especially the hyperactive and sporty ones. So here comes the next list of outdoor games that are known to improve the concentration of the kids. Some of the games we play in our house are as follows:

  1. Lemon and Spoon game
  2. Dart Board game
  3. Throwing the ball into the cup
  4. Ring toss and
  5. Walking on a lean beam
Outdoor Games that aid in the Concentration improvement for Kids

There are more such games that can be used with a little creativity and thinking based on our kid’s interests and passion. All these games would not only improve the gross motor skills of kids, but they would also work on improving their focus and concentration in a fun way.

Final Thoughts:

As parents, we need to observe our kids and fine-tune our bonding activities with our kids. Based on their needs, we can devise the games and activities intuitively when we observe our kids more closely. That’s why I would always say that observing our kids is the most important skill to the parents, which we need to master first.

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  1. Very helpful post, Suha! I play the Fish game with my child, I enjoy playing it and she gets bored because it requires a lot of patience to catch the fish haha…Chess is her best play with her grandpa 😉 I agree with the observation part and kids get bored easily, or they want us to engage a lot..so I try to strike that balance with my girl.

    1. Thank you, Priyanka. Yes, it’s tough to keep these ever-active kids busy at home. Wonderful to hear that you are striking a good balance. I am either with my kid or with my blogs

  2. Chess is really a good indoor game not only for kids, but for teens too. Yes, kids get bored easily and it’s very necessary to keep them engaged most of the time. Good compilation. Will definitely share your article to my sister.

  3. This is a very helpful post Suhasini. These days staying indoors has affected kids alot and their concentration level is decreasing. Trying these games often will help alot. Other than chess and rings, my daughter owns all the other games and we love to play it together.

  4. I’m feeling nostalgic about Brainvita…it used to be one of my favourite games. My son is fond of mazes and find the difference puzzles. I buy activity books for him to avoid screen time.

  5. Though I dont have kids, I love board / indoor games and play it with friends regularly. I have tried the fish game with my friend’s child once…it was so much fun! I own Brainvita & Chess and play crossword on my phone. I would also recommend Scrabble as it also helps build vocabulary.

  6. In this cellphone era, where every notification is fighting for our attention, ability to build concentration is an indispensable skill. On a lighter note, even I have the span of an 8 year old. Can I play these games?

  7. Very well written post Suhasini! My daughter used to play fish game, brainvita and chess with so much interest. I’ll share this post with one of friend as she is having a tiny, naughty toddler. Thanks for sharing this amazing post.

  8. All these games are totally classic…my daughter loves chess and puzzles…its very hard to keep kids away from screens and these games are a valuable resource for lockdowns too…

  9. Board games are the best way to improve a child’s concentration. Chess was my kids favorite. The use to play it for hours when they could not go out and play.

    1. Yeah aunty. The people who love chess can never really get out of it. But I come into the second category that I feel it’s so boring to sit still for that long. So it’s during father and son bonding time they will play chess

  10. Nostalgic memories of playing with my kids, Suhasini. Played almost all the games with them but forgot Brainvita with my grandsons. Next time will surely buy it for them

  11. I have played most of these games 8n childhood be it indoor or outdoor and my favorite was fish game. I really hope to revive these games in my kid rather than focusing on mobile phones.

  12. This is such an important post for all the parents out there, Suhasini. Kids these days prefer the phone but it is these games that work better in improving concentration and focus. I used to love playing chess and darts with my brother.

  13. Very useful post Suhasini. I agree that observing our kids is the most important skill that we need to master first. Great games ideas for improving kids concentration and focus.

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