#WATWB Have you heard of Sustainable Clothing?

Right from our childhood days, we would have heard multiple clothing ranges. Cotton, Woolen, Polyester, Nylon, leather and fur etc isn’t it?. All these clothing ranges are made either from the natural, cellulose or synthetic fibres. But now a days, Organic clothing has become a fashionable trend and has become quite famous as well. But all these clothing ranges are not made up of recylable material or used the sustainable measures in their manufacturing. Slowly and steadily, another clothing range is entering into the market and that’s called Sustainable clothing. One can even find it on Amazon and other online […]

#WATWB – Sustainable House that doesn’t need Government Support

Can you imagine living in a city and not taking any services from the Corporation where you live? Not even Electricity, Water or Gas is required for you to live in that house – looks unimaginable and undoable right? But there is one man in Chennai, who proves you wrong by living in a house that doesn’t need the government to provide him with any amenities. He generates his own Electricity, Gas and even started generating his own water from thin air. Unbelievable isn’t it? Yes, it takes me great pride to introduce you all to Mr. Suresh (better known […]