Gymnastics as the best sport for kids.

Why Gymnastics is the best sport for your child?

Now that sports academies are opening up slowly, most parents would be thinking and searching to admit their children into suitable sports classes or academies. But the sports academies or professional coaching is only for children eight years and above. Then, what is the next best option available for the younger children? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children between 2-5 years play sports like Gymnastics, which develops their gross motor skills. And for older kids, depending on their interests, Gymnastics could be the best option.

Gymnastics is a sport and a physical activity too.

As they say, Gymnastics is the mother of all sports, and it’s a comprehensive exercise program that teaches flexibility, balance, speed, and muscle coordination apart from others. Experts say this is the most demanding sport and requires a very agile mind and body to conquer this sport. Introducing this sport to children at a tender age will lay the foundation for their healthy lifestyle and future athletic career. Any sport requires strict discipline and a healthy body. It also helps build excellent mind and body coordination, essential for any sport.

Beginner gymnastics for kids would teach the child more about bare-body stretches, balancing, jumping, and hopping. At the same time, the advanced skills teach more body coordination activities using various equipment in the gym under the trainer’s supervision.

 Gymnastics for kids - a blog post by MommyShravmusings

Since organized sports like cricket, football, or badminton require teamwork, and children below 6-8 years are not psychologically ready to play any team sport. So that’s one of the main reasons any sports teacher or pediatrician would recommend Gymnastics as the best sport during your child’s early years.

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7 facts about Gymnastics being the best sport for Kids.

1. Improves the Self Confidence:

Gymnastics teaches children to gain control over their bodies. The more they work on mastering their stretches, swings, and jumps, the more children will gain confidence. Their newly acquired self-confidence after completing different activities in the gym would get carried forward into their life outside the gymnastics center as well.

2. Overcomes the Fear Factor:

Children try out different equipment and different gymnastics activities, which will make them face their fears heads on. Hanging on a high bar, somersaulting, jumping high on the trampoline, etc., will teach them to conquer their fears. Coaches always lay out the plans and help the children overcome their fears step-by-step.

3. Teaches the Discipline:

Any sport teaches discipline to children. To master various gymnastics skills, children must exhibit high commitment, dedication, and hard work. Sometimes, these skills take months and even years to master. It’s been proven various times that gymnasts are highly disciplined compared to other sports. This high discipline is because most gymnastics events are constantly plagued with accidents. Unless the gymnast is highly disciplined, he cannot master those events without mishaps.

4. Improves Spatial Reasoning:

Gymnasts keep moving in all the different angles and plains, which improves their spatial awareness. Doing gymnastics regularly improves the connections that work on logical and spatial reasoning in the brain. Children need a good foundation in spatial reasoning to understand and fair better in Geometry and solve the various mathematical equations. So that way, joining gymnastics would also improve the children’s mathematical ability.

5. Builds Health and Strength

Children who start learning gymnastics at an early age tend to love the movement of their bodies. This means that they would be playing one sport or the other during their entire lifetime. Also, practicing basic gymnastics improves the body structure in the growing years, which gives children good bone strength and solid muscle. So, this sport helps the children eat healthily and stay fit.

6. Builds Mental Resilience and toughness

The free fall from the high bars or trampoline, only to get up and do it again, teaches the children to pick up and start again. It’s tough to explain this concept to children over books and stories. But in gymnastics, this lesson is being taught without using many words. In any sport, making mistakes and falling are common. But to get back into the game, the sportsperson has to make a tremendous effort. In Gymnastics, the simple act of swinging and falling from the high bar, only to get there again, teaches the resilience required for any sportsperson.

7. Imbibes Social Skills.

Attending the gymnastics classes would help in building social skills within the children. These gymnastic centers allow the children to observe and mingle with the mixed age group children. So they will be able to find a role model to emulate in the future. Listening to coaches and talking/socializing with the other children in the class will make them respect others and understand empathy and compassion.

Last but not least, Gymnastics is always fun for the children. All the children love to swing, climb, jump, and hop. Regular participation in gymnastics would help release endorphins – the happy chemicals- and help improve the children’s mood.

My Personal Experience with Gymnastics:

The best part of gymnastics is that it will be played only indoors. So it is weather independent and can be played at any point in time. Even during the pandemic, when all the sports academies have shut down, my child’s gymnastics center has decided to go digital and started conducting online gymnastics lessons. That move helped my child stay fit and healthy during the pandemic. Otherwise, keeping the sporty kids at home healthily and happily isn’t easy.

My child started with the basic stretches and other fitness routines in the online classes and then graduated towards conquering his fear of doing different events. His confidence increased after he had accomplished the handstand and started using the parallel bars and trampoline.

The practice and hard work required in gymnastics have exposed him to the hard work needed to excel in any sports field. It also has improved his resilience levels. Now, Shrav has stopped reacting to failures and started repeatedly trying until he succeeds. What else would I require as a parent from my child?

So, this is my experience with Gymnastics as a sport and physical activity for kids. This is what the research also says about this game, Gymnastics. In case if you have tried gymnastics for your kids already, please let me know your comments.


  1. It’s really informative.???

  2. I didn’t know that children below 6 were not psychologically ready to play team sports. Very informative article!

    1. Yes, Satabdi, only after starting my Montessori journey, I got to learn about child psychology. Thank you for reading

      1. My husband is a sports enthusiast and has been trying to get our 4-year-old interested in cricket, football, or badminton. So far, he has shown little inclination towards any sport.

      2. Even we tried those sports after my kid reached 3-4 years. But it was of no use and we were kind of a little worried too about it. But at the same time, around 4.5 years, we admitted him into gymnastics and his enthusiasm to attend the classes was just awesome. Only after we joined Shrav in Montessori school at 6 years of age, we got to know why he was behaving like that. By around 7 years of age, he started playing team sports like badminton and cricket and he was confused as to which is his original sport (in his words?). Now he has become a cricket fanatic and he breathes, eats, talks, and dreams about only cricket these days.

  3. I was always in awe of the graceful gymnasts i saw on tv. Your post sheds new light on the sport and in how many ways one could benefit from it. Very informative read,

    1. Very informative.. My daughter used to go to gymnastic Classes and used to enjoy it thoroughly but after lockdown when they started online classes I somehow didn’t find it very effective as gymnastic require space and cushioning otherwise it can be very dangerous.

      1. Yes, well said Swati. We did this online for 11 months and my entire schedule used to revolve around my child’s gymnastics classes. We stopped this month, as my child started experiencing online fatigue and not willing to handle any gadgets.

  4. I agree, children under 6 are not mentally and psychologically ready to play team sports. They don’t understand the concept of teamwork. My son’s preschool was offering soccer classes last year and I saw a few moms enrolling their kids. But I didn’t do it because of the same reason you mentioned.
    Gymnastics is a great physical activity. I enrolled my daughter into Gymnastics class when she was 4.5 years just to have some physical activity and we continued till she turned 6. Later she switched to Badminton and then to Cricket. Now she is completely into Cricket.

    1. Same case with my Son also Alpana. My Son also started learning gymnastics from 4.5 years old and now he is discontinued from this year. He is totally into Cricket now. Searching for some good academies at my place now for him.

  5. I agree, I think gymnastics is great for great overall development of a child. I think gymnastics alternating with basic yoga would also work. My son learnt yoga in Kindergarten and it improved his concentration and balance. I think Gymnastics works on the same principle

    1. True Harshita, gymnastics also works on similar concepts.

  6. Thankyou for this wonderful post. I have a 5year old and she is always hyperactive. So this sport would be helpful for her future too.

    1. Yes, Sadvika. Her energy levels would be toned down with Gymnastics. And this input is purely based on my child’s experience. He is a super active child bubbling with energy.

  7. Gymnastics is a great sport but it is not very accessible in India. It is also a very disciplined and taxing sport. Maybe as exercise it is great but professionally it actually takes away a kids life.

  8. Gymnastics really looks like a good sport for the kids. None of my family members has tried it ever but your post gave me a perspective would like my daughter to try it.

  9. Thanks for this post. I have never really thought about sending my child for gymnastics. thanks for sharing this… i will try to find options here locally

    1. Thank you Shahira for liking this post.

  10. Gymnastics is gradually gaining popularity in young kids. Your post and personal experience has piqued curiosity and now i would be exploring this as a option for my 5 year old.

    1. Thank you Supriti. Please do try it out, its a nice option for the kids

  11. Gymnatics activity is a bliss if started at the right age. Rushing of enrolling kids at early can invite severe damage mentally and physically well being. You have perfectly mentioned the significant pointers to swing in the fun of gymnastics.

    1. Thank you Archana. Yes, we need to take the psychological factors of each child into consideration while admitting the child into any classes for that matter.

  12. Detailed post that I hope will clarify doubts for parents looking for sport options. I have a friend’s daughter who is a gymnast. She started when she was 6-7 years old and now she is doing very well. But it is no cakewalk. Requires a lot of dedication from both the child and the parent interms of their support.

    1. Well said Vasumathi. It takes a lot of time and effort from both the parent’s and child’s sides. In fact, that’s the case with any sport. But Gymnastics requires additional effort.

  13. I have been badly wanting to put Ishaanvi to gymnastics, was just waiting for things to normalise a little. You post has inspired me to think about it now and see if she is interested. I agree with all the points mentioned by you and gymnastics do have have psychological benefits for a child’s development.

    1. Yes Priyanka, please do try it out for Ishaanvi. I think, she will definitely enjoy it for a while.

  14. This is really interesting and very informative. Unfortunately gymnastics is barely promoted in India. I didn’t know 6-8 year olds are not psychologically ready to play any team sport.

      1. I was considering swimming for my 3 year old. Gymnastics also seems to be great option. I loved how you have given every aspect a thought.

      2. I have thought of starting swimming lessons for Aarav but after reading all.tge pros of gymnastics I am giving a serious thought to start it for Aarav .

  15. Wow!! Very interesting to know that gymnastics is available for this age group too 🙂 undoubtedly the pros of learning a sport are umpteen!! The most motivating and inspiring part was when u shared ur experience of your child and how his willingness to keep trying till he succeeds is unmatchable ??

    1. Thank you Aishwarya. Yup, he enjoyed gymnastics for a while and now he is into cricket

  16. Never looked at gymnastics from this perspective. Was not sure what was the right age for taking my kid for these activities but after reading your post will be considering enrolling him sooner.

  17. Exactly, very well explained. It develops sportsmanship and positive relationship in children as they cheer for their peers and learn about healthy competition. It also helps them hone their social skills by interacting with adults and other children who are at different levels of proficiency.

    1. Yeah true Mondipa. Thank you for dropping by

  18. Very informative post. I am a big fan of gymnastics. I completely agree that any kind of sports teaches discipline. But gymnastics is something that most kids just love compared to other sports.

  19. You post is indeed very informative. I didn’t know that smaller kids are not psychologically ready to play team sport. Gymnastics is a great way to instill discipline. But as with every other sport, a child must not be pushed into it.

  20. Thats a very informative post . I always had this hidden desire that my daughter would join this sport but somehow i didn’t find any academy nearby .This is amazing sport.

    1. I love gymnastics…..Your post sheds new light on the sport and in how many ways one could benefit from it. Very informative read,

  21. My son loves jumping around from here and there. He is around 7 years now. I would personally love to enroll him for gymnastics once the things are back to normal but somewhere I also want to wait and ask him if he is really interested in the sport. No doubt it helps in development of the child but I still want the choice to be his

    1. Totally agree with you. That’s the reason why I try to introduce my child to different activities. He would try for a couple of classes and lets me know whether he would like to continue or discontinue. Then I will let the decision be his. I won’t force him if he doesn’t like that activity.

  22. This has been a very informative read about gymnastics. We had enrolled my son when he was 3 years old for gymnastics, but unfortunately he didn’t enjoy it. So we had to pull him out of it. But then as you have mentioned, gymnastics is a great sport, teaches the child to be in discipline, sets a routine, flushes out negative energy and help restore mental balance too.

    1. Yes Amritha. It really depends on the child to child as to how he would take any sports.

  23. Those kids who are engaged in sports activities are little different from others. Andwhen you experience this difference in your child, it is the moment of happiness.

  24. This sounds very interesting and the benefits that you’ve listed definitely seem to be much needed for children. Would you mind sharing details about this online gymnastics class so that I could check this for my daughter as well

    1. Hi Sindhu..sure will send you a mail separately regarding this.

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