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Are your kids getting bored without schools and are they missing their timeout with the friends due to this lockdown? Are you worried that this lockdown is not giving you enough time to spend that quality time with your kid, as you are busy managing the household work and your official/unofficial jobs? If all these questions are yes, then you are in the same boat like me. But honestly, I found a good solution which I want to share with you all. That solution is a powerful storytelling app that has been recently launched. 

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Source: MaPa Story

MaPa Story App:

My friend recommended me this app and I just thought of checking it before I subscribed and spent my money on it.  The moment I heard about the Storytelling app, I thought that its going be like any other app, with a boring or a disinterested voice narrating stories, which never interests me nor my kid. But this MaPa Story app changed all my perceptions about the Storytelling app. Here is my top 5 reasons as to why every parent should subscribe to MaPa Story app. 

Top 5 reasons why MaPa Story App is needed for all Children: 

  1. Variety of Stories: Children outgrow some of the stories in no time and some stories they hold closer to the heart. But they need a lot of variety of stories. So, buying all the genres of storybooks for children is a costly affair and we as parents also face the space crunch in our city apartments to hold all their toys and storybooks. MaPa Story app is a one-stop solution, as it contains a variety of genres for children and this app is updated continuously. So, your child will never get tired of the stories here.  
  1. Narrated by Parents/Grand Parents: All the stories presented on the MaPa story app are narrated either by the parents or grandparents. So, this app gives an indirect message to both parents and children about the importance of the quality time they both must spend with each other. So, this app indirectly strengthens family bonds. We can also record the stories along with our children and share them across.
  1. Language: This app contains the stories in multiple languages. So, it’s easy to introduce the new language to the children and they can learn the proper pronunciation of the language without any additional aids. This would make our children multi-linguistic at no additional cost.  
  1. Child-friendly app: This app has been developed with keeping the child in mind. So, we as parents don’t have to worry about the exposure of the children to unwanted and dangerous content that’s freely available when the children are watching the same stories on YouTube or any other app. This app is free of any running ads too. Hence, we as parents can trust this app easily.      
  1. Budget-Friendly app: Lastly, with all the above features also, this app is reasonably priced and is well within budget. It comes at just INR 365/- per year, which is like INR 1.0/- per each day for unlimited stories. Isn’t it wonderful?  Since this is a newly launched app, they do have discount offers going on. What else we as parents require? 
Source: MaPa Story

I as a mother has taken the right decision to give this app to my child. He enjoys it so much that he goes to bed easily these days without any issues. I start playing a few of his favorite stories in the screen-lock mode on my mobile and he sleeps easily. This way, I am avoiding gadget time before going to bed. This would allow him to sleep peacefully. If you are interested, then “Check out this unique and powerful storytelling app that I really enjoyed – MaPa Story! You can read, listen to, and record stories from anywhere. Get a special 30% discount too using the referral code 51536”  

        Link to the MaPa Story app on Google Play Store: 


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