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ZEE5 Kids is the New Favorite channel of my Kid

ZEE5 is fast becoming the most popular channel among kids, after introducing their Kids channel, ZEE5 Kids. They started streaming most of the kid’s favorite shows along with a few new series as well. Any child who can find all his favorite Kids Shows in one channel, will get addicted to that channel, isn’t it? The same is the case with my kid as well.

Popular Kids Shows on ZEE5 Kids

The kids are spoilt for choice when they login to ZEE5 kids to watch their favorite shows. As almost all the kid’s favorite shows are present here. Starting from Chota Bheem most of the shows are being screened here.

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Bablu Dablu: Bablu Dablu cartoon is based on the famous Kids movie, Bablu Dablu. The soothing music and friendly Bablu, Dablu – the two cute bears always attract the kids. These two bears always try to save their forest from the evil logger Laka, who is out to destroy their forest, so that he can have his own playground. This series provides the necessary adventure for the kids and also imparts the importance of safeguarding our environment to the kids.

Eena Meena Deeka: This is another cute little story of a fox and three chicks. This show is designed perfectly to provide clean entertainment to the kids. The stories are so funny and captivating that even the adults can enjoy these shows along with kids.

Vir The Robot Boy: This is another superhero series, to which my kid is hooked to. Vir the Robot boy tries to save the world from various disasters all the time and also helps his friends who are in trouble. His friends are Gintu the Jinn, Chulbul the donkey, and Imli. Most of the kids always try to dream about one or the superhero and for my kid, it’s Vir the Robot Boy.

Krishna and Balram: This is another favorite of my kid. This series is based on Indian Mythology. It contains the adventures of Krishna and his elder brother Balram in the Vrindavan forest. As my kid treats Krishna as his childhood friend, he always loves to watch this series.

Chota Bheem: This is the age-old, yet very famous show with kids. This show is based on the adventures of Bheem and his friends Chutki, Jaggu, Kalia, and Dholu-Bholu. The best part of this show is that it teaches all the values in an intrinsic way within the story itself.

Toonpur ka Super Hero: This is another Super Hero series in which Ajay Devgan and Kajol are taking part. It’s fun to watch them together in this series.

Not only the popular kids shows, but there are also a lot more series which include the age-old fairy tales, Disney Series, and everything. There are a host of wonderful movies that are screened on the ZEE5 kid’s channel. I hope now you understood why this ZEE5 kids channel has become the much sought after and a favorite destination for my kid isn’t it?

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  1. ZEE5 Kids is my child’s favourite channel too! Most of the programmes broadcasted on ZEE5 are popular and age-appropriate.

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