Book Review of Brandlife by Andrej Drapal

Book Review: Brandlife Brand’s Mystery Unveiled

In the Social Media driven markets and also in the current competitive world, a person has to establish a brand for himself both on the personal and professional sides to be successful. That’s how important the Brand has become even to the Individuals along with the companies. This book Brandlife comes into the picture to tell us the basics about Branding and how to maintain that brand either as an individual or political party or as an enterprise.

Book Review of Brandlife: Brand's Mystery Unveiled by Mommyshravmusings in her blog.

Genre: Business Management, Marketing and Sales, Marketing

Author: Andrej Drapal

Publisher: Self-Published by Author

Published Date: 28-January-2016

Book Available at: Amazon, GoodReads

Book Blurb:

Brandlife is a story about brands, creation of brands and how brands really live. Though author proposes many practical hints, it is primarily a book that helps you understand why brands are so important in our everyday life.

My Thoughts on Brandlife

The Brandlife from Andrej Drapal comes at the right moment to solve all those doubts about establishing the branding whether at personal or political or at the enterprise levels. Andrej discusses the nuances and differences in establishing the different brands and his tips though very direct and hard-hitting (at times) are real eye-openers for the readers.

Being a blogger, and owning two blogs, I at times, mix my brands across both these blogs. But with this insightful manual about Branding, I came to understand where I am failing and what are the steps that I need to take to correct and reestablish my brand image properly. All thanks to Andrej for this insightful manual. (Sorry for terming it, again and again, manual, as this is a must-read bible for all marketers. ?)

The part I liked about this book is the inclusion of the graphical images to clarify the confusing explanations. The author has used the adage, that a picture speaks better than 1000 words to its best.

My Recommendations about the Book Brandlife


I would like to recommend this book to all the people, who would really want to establish their brand presence, whether as an individual or as an enterprise. This step-by-step manual will clear all your earlier perceptions about the brand power and will teach you the basics about it and how to maintain your brand’s life as well.

He even talks about the legalities and the other techinicalities about copyrighting, patenting and a lot more stuff. Ofcourse, as an individual you might not need all those things. But it will never hurt one to browse through these sections as the knowledge would never harm us.

About the Author:

Author: Andrej Drapal

Andrej Drapal, 1958 Philosopher (by education), journalist and editor (as a youngster), theater producer (in a largest cultural center in Slovenia), PR business consultant and partner in largest Slovenian consultancy, founder of lobby profession in Slovenia, and… Andrej created Standard Branding Model in 2001 and since then developed more than 40 brands and business models in various industries including state brand I Feel Slovenia. He is currently a consultant in Consensus d.o.o. and runs d.o.o consultancy. He was a president of the Chamber of professional services industries, president of the public procurement committee AM-CHAM, and member of the Unicef Slovenija board. He is currently president of the National Gallery board and a member of the Ljubljana Festival program board. 

One can reach him on the Social Media at the following:

Blog: Andrej Drapal

Twitter: Andrej Drapal

Facebook: Andrej Drapal

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