Book Review of Life 24 Essays

Book Review: Life – 24 Essays

I came across the author, Tomichan Sir’s blogs for the first time during this A2Z. The first post I read from this book is “Chiquitita’s Sorrows”. The name enticed me, while browsing through the Blogchatter Blogrolls, as this is one song, I use frequently to hear when it got released. I liked the deeper meanings of this song So, I have decided to download this book and read it in detail. No wonder the author is so well-known for his literary talent. That’s why this book review of “Life 24 Essays” is purely for my sake to capture all those wonderful lines, which captured my attention.

My Review of Life 24 Essays:

I am not a philosophical person but like to think deeply and analyze my thinking like a critic. My husband says that I am generally the worst possible critic of myself, as I can never be satisfied with anything and has to comment something on everything. But, this book made me go into silence, as I started to agree to at least half of the author’s points in every essay. Hence, it took me some time to come out with this review.

The author has indeed captured the entire Chiquitita’s song essence in these simple words. If this has not touched you, then it would be difficult to go further. In fact, this is the mantra which most of the life coaches are preaching in one way or the other.

“Your song doesn’t have to be perfect. Nor your dance. Let the song jar at times as it will. Let the dance wobble. Sing you must and dance you must. You are your song, Chiquitita. You are your dance!!”

Life 24 Essays

There are multiple other chapters that have touched me. The Good Child is one essay that everyone should read carefully and teach its essence to their children.

“The good child is a bud that won’t bloom. It is a nestling that won’t fly, at least not far enough. The good child is a bland breeze that carries
no tang.”

Life 24 Essays

I am going to close by giving the anecdotes from the book with another last one, from “Tatvamasi”. I used this article to explain the differences between various religions and why all religions are the same to my child Shrav last week. He was so very curious about the origins of various religions and the different forms of gods. Though I could explain it at a high level, I knew that Shrav is not still completely satisfied. So, I took this example from the book and explained it with a small experiment at home. I could see a satisfactory smile on my kid’s face. As a mother, that’s what I need and I think Tom Sir is also successful in writing this book, using which an 8-year-old boy could find some answers for his never-ending questions.

“God is part of you, you are part of God. Better still, God is you and you are God. If you take a drop of water out of the ocean, the
drop is not the ocean, and yet it is in a way. Throw that drop back into the ocean and it becomes an indistinguishable part of the ocean. You and God are similar to that drop and the ocean”

Life 24 Essays

All in all, I felt like, I could really get some satisfying answers for the questions, which I wasn’t able to formulate. Reading this book is an experience and it’s a journey on the river, which the author has captured on the title page. This journey can take you, where you are capable of reaching, based on your understanding. I felt excited to travel this path and do some retrospection. So, I would recommend this one to everyone, who is trying to understand themselves or their surroundings.

About the Author:

Tomichan Matheikal is a learner and a teacher, reader and writer, blogger, and author. He has published a number of books. English Poetry (literary criticism, 2001) was his first publication in book form and the novel Black Hole (2021) is the latest. Both are available at Amazon India. Autumn Shadows (2019) is his memoir which reflects his candidness as well as his waywardness. His short stories were published in
three anthologies. He blogs regularly at

You can download this book, Life 24 Essays by Tom Sir at the Blogchatter Ebook Library. Also, my book Shrav vs Sana got released during the same carnival.


  1. I’m moved by this review because of its deeply personal touch.

    1. Thank you Sir, actually its my pleasure to review your book

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