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Book Review: Say Hello not Goodbye

I am happy to be taking part in the Book tour for “Say Hello Not GoodBye” organized by Love Book Tours. The details of the book are as follows:

Publication Date: 19-February-2021

Published on: Amazon Kindle

Book Links: Amazon India, Amazon UK, Amazon US

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Book Blurb:

The last few years have been hard for Catherine Lothbury. Suffering from agoraphobia she’s never left the sanctuary of her house, and with no friends to help her, she starts to think that she’ll be stuck inside forever.

Enter Elliot Farringdon, a soldier in the British army, who vows to help Catherine overcome her fears, and reintroduces her to the outside world.

Their friendship quickly turns into something more, but when Elliot is sent away on deployment, Catherine finds herself feeling far more alone than she did before. And when he doesn’t return home, she starts to believe that she’s lost him forever

@LoveBooksTour, @AndreaOAuthor, Book Tour organized by Love Books Tour for "Say Hello Not GoodBye"

My Thoughts:

Based on the title “Say Hello and not GoodBye” and the blurb, I thought that this book is going to be an emotionally intensive romantic book. But the Author proved me wrong in my initial expectations about this book. But, I wouldn’t say that this book disappointed me. It’s a light-hearted romantic book with easy to read narration style.

This is the first time for me to read a story about Agoraphobia. So, I would have really appreciated it if Author has dwelled more on how Catherine got this phobia and how Elliot has helped her overcome that phobia. Especially the part when, Elliot was deployed overseas and Catherine starts trying to live her own life, going out and managing things on her own. It needs a lot of effort and many failures for Catherine to come to that stage. Had the author dwelled on these topics, it would have become all the more interesting book.

At times, I felt that the characters needed more depth and shown their other side of the lives as well in this book. As otherwise, it’s difficult to understand how come suddenly these characters display some of the emotions, which hitherto were not observed in them. So, at times I felt that they are just superficial. This is very true in the case of Elliot and once he becomes teary-eyed in the office due to the job cuts. I really couldn’t empathize with him at that point in time, as his work and his feelings about the work were not discussed much in this book.

Overall, this is a light-hearted book to spend the lazy summer afternoons. This book though falls under the romantic genre, it’s not mushy. And, maybe that’s another reason why I liked this book.

Note: I got the free copy of this book “Say Hello not GoodBye” during the book tour organized by Love Book Tours in exchange for my honest review. My review is completely my own and not influenced by anyone.

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