Book Review – Nainapur Adventures: Mystery of Forbidden Oak

When a mail came from Blogchatter for reviewing the Young Adult fiction genre, I was one of the first few bloggers who jumped at it, as I kept searching for the right books to introduce to my kid as well as my nephews and nieces. Nainapur Adventures is the book they sent to me for my review.

Mr. Arun Iyer has not disappointed me in my pick. And this is one book the kids would love to pick up and curl on a sofa on hot summer afternoons or during the cold winter holidays.


Mr. Arun Iyer has recreated the “Malgudi Days” magic for today’s generation of kids. This generation of kids, though, enjoy ‘Malgudi Days,” they complain that it’s outdated and not fast-moving as per today’s standards. So, Nainapur Adventures’ book has come to fill in that gap. It’s shown what a simple life without gadgets would be and how fun it is to have friends with whom you can go on various adventures.

This book will surely make every kid wish to return to a small town and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, as per my niece. The maps given in the book are quite interesting and make the young adults glued to the book.

The book beautifully captures all the characters and their quirky habits. Every child reading this book would be able to identify himself in one of those characters, and Mr. Arun Iyer has managed to create that wonderful impression on the kids.


Simple yet, captivating book for young adult’s minds. Even we adults could enjoy this book very well. One of the best ways to take the minds of the kids away from the gadgets. This book, for sure, is going to give them enough material to chew and, in turn, convert them into amateur in-house detectives.


Actually, there are no cons in the book from the story per se. The blurb has actually revealed too much beauty of the book. I only wish it was a little more concise and hid the real joy of reading this book.


I would strongly recommend Mr. Arun to continue this series, as it has all the potential to turn into an exciting series like “Famous Five” or something like that. I would recommend this book to all the kids.

About the Author:

Arun Iyer is a multi-talented who loves to spend his free time trying out poetry, painting, and photography. He is also an avid travel blogger. All this he manages apart from his corporate world.

Rating and other Details:

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Book Title: Nainapur Adventures: Mystery of the Forbidden Oak

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Author: Arun Iyer

Number of Pages: 198

Available: Amazon

My Rating: 5.0/5.0

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