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The British Council Library – a new place for Family Outing

The British Council Library is revamping its image from the old rigid and silent spaces where only the bookworms could be found to a brand new cultural hub of Chennai wherein the families could relax over the weekends with lots and lots of books as well as some interesting activities designed to cater to all the members of the family. Now, you would be welcomed by the friendly staff at the kiosks instead of the strict librarian, who always uses the gestures to maintain the silence in the library.

In fact, the library has become a warm cozy place where you can see the kids running around with books in their hands and a lot of happiness in their faces. This library has traveled a lot in the last 70 years to turn into this welcoming space not just for scholars and serious readers, but for the entire family.

Now they have the family memberships as well at a very nominal price. The family membership gives something or the other for every family member in terms of:

  • Fun-Filled Events for book lovers
  • book reading/poetry sessions by the authors
  • professional development courses for young adults
  • prospects on future educational/job-related details in the UK
  • A lot of fun-filled activities for kids and families together like Reading Challenges, Board Games challenges.

In fact, they are conducting a new short term workshop for kids during the upcoming Christmas vacations. The camp start date is 27-December-2019.

This #HolidayCamp2019 is a four-day workshop for a duration of 2 hours each. The kids aged 7-14 years are eligible for this #HolidayCamp and they can choose the time slots based on their convenience as the camp runs from morning 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. This course is primarily designed to use English as the tool for developing:

  • Creative thinking with fun activities
  • Leadership Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills and lastly,
  • the Collaborative skills to work together in teams

This course would help all the kids to make their voice heard in the crowd and mainly provides the team-building skills which are the most important skill for the 21st Century. That’s why they use another name for this #HolidayCamp2019 as the 21st Century Life Skills Building workshop. This workshop is of concise format when compared to the longer workshops conducted by them during the summer holidays.

The camp costs around 5000 INR per kid and there is a discount applicable for British Council Library members. For details, please click here.

This is one place where we can lose ourselves amidst the books and books. One can have access to the digitized content as well. One can find the scheduled events and camps on their website.

“There is a lot that can happen over a book and Coffee, then #BritishCouncilLibrary is one place that makes it happen”


  1. It’s amazing how much libraries have to offer. We need to get cards for our new local one!

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