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Magic of the Vocabulary building games

How many of you have heard from the school that your child’s vocabulary needs to be improved or even that your child’s vocabulary is exceptional? Have you ever wondered why there is so much stress on building the vocabulary in children? What are the vocabulary building games and what is the real need for them? …

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#WATWB Have you heard of Sustainable Clothing?

Right from our childhood days, we would have heard multiple clothing ranges. Cotton, Woolen, Polyester, Nylon, leather and fur etc isn’t it?. All these clothing ranges are made either from the natural, cellulose or synthetic fibres. But now a days, Organic clothing has become a fashionable trend and has become quite famous as well. But …

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5 Parenting Lessons from Bollywood Songs

The day I got introduced to Binaca Geet Mala by one of our family friends and my mentor in the late eighties, I became a fan of Ameen Sayani, Radio Ceylon, and Bollywood songs. Slowly, as I started understanding the lyrics, I became an avid fan of the Bollywood lyricists, music composers, and singers of …