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Dear Son,

A Decade is a very long time if you look at the number of days, minutes and seconds. But honestly, time just flies and within no time the 10 years would pass in front of you in a jiffy. Though it might sound paradoxical to you at this 7 years age, that’s the honest truth. Haven’t you heard from your granddad that “Kaalpurush never stays at a single place and keeps running”? So for the so called Kaalpurush a decade is nothing by what a day signifies for us.

So standing at the doorsteps (of course you may say, that it’s already 23-January, so you already entered), I want to give you few tips to make your life easier in the forthcoming decades based on the instances we saw together in this decade, just as a quick reference to you!!

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Enjoy the present moment:

I know that you are passionate about cricket and always think, dream and watch cricket only. But you need to understand that everyone is not like that, and you need to have friends and enjoy life with them while pursuing cricket too. Otherwise, after you achieved your ambition of playing in the World Cup in the late 2030’s, when you look back there wouldn’t be any sweet memories left except cricket in your life. So living in the present moment and making it memorable is also the most important task, God has given us. As we have this opportunity and time only once. Do you remember the day, when the Guhawati match got washed out in 2019? When Virat and his team were waiting in the green room for the match to begin, how did Virat made his team less anxious? Didn’t he bring out his teammates and danced there on the grounds? They are definitely living in that moment and making some sweet memories for themselves and others, instead of sitting and anxiously cursing the rain.

Failure is the stepping stone for success:

At your age, it’s easier to leave the projects in which you have a tough time to complete and concentrate on your passions. But always remember the poem, I taught you — only the people who complete a task irrespective of the number of failures they encounter are only called winners. Not the people who left the task in a middle way. You do remember that Hetmyer stayed in the crease even after the twisted nerve in the leg and scored a century in 2019, isn’t it? West Indies wouldn’t have won that match that day if Hetmyer had left the crease. Same goes to Sreyas Iyer who came back to international cricket after 5 years once again. So when you are stuck with any problems, remember Hetmyer and scores of others and then try till you succeed.

Learning is a life long process:

Learning doesn’t stop with completing a course or winning a medal/trophy in a match. It’s an ongoing process. Do you remember that Virat’s interview in 2015, when he mentioned how he became a successful batsman, only after he changed his mindset and started hearing to his mistakes pointed by others and also after he started observing and learning from others? When you want to consistently succeed, you need to become a lifelong learner and leave that feeling that you know everything!!

Practise makes the man perfect:

It’s always the practice and practice that makes a man perfect. Without practice, one can’t achieve their goals. Always, remember the words of Virat and Dhoni in this case. All their interviews over the years, they say the same thing again and again. They do practice irrespective of the weather and climate daily. I know you ardently believe in their words and that’s why getting up daily at 5:30 am and rushing to your gymnastics sessions. Even your coach appreciates your diligence in this, but I want you to continue this discipline forever in life

Gratitude and Humility are two pillars of Life:

What does daddy always tell you? Sorry and Thank you are the two magical words and have to be used all the time. The day, you feel awkward to tell Sorry or Thank you, that’s the day when your growth as an individual would stop. We should be always thankful for the people who help us and be respectful of them. Similarly, we should be utmost conscious that we shouldn’t hurt somebody. The moment we realize that we had caused some inconvenience to others, we should be telling sorry to them first.

So dear son, if you remember these 5 tips in life, you can sail through any bouncer the life throws at you. In life, you would be always at the batting end, and your bowler is none other than god. He can become a pace bowler or a spinner depending on his mood. But you need to be prepared to even bat the swings/googlies god throws at you. So that’s the reason why I want you to remember the above 5 points so that you can have long and solid innings in the cricket called Life, which should span over multiple decades. As the parents we would always love to sit in the visitor’s gallery and watch your match for decades together. – Your’s loving Mamma!!!!

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  1. Gratitude is really a great tool to feel good about yourself and spread the positivity around you. And be a life long student of life is what makes a huge difference in the way we navigate through the life. Beautiful letter. 🙂

    1. Very beautiful written up for your son. Learning is always good, in fact, I am going to share this post with my daughter too who is very passionate about football

  2. You have covered the most necessary tips,to accept own mistakes is very necessary as you have mentioned in the third point, with the flow of life where problems and obstacles will come in the way we all have to keep some things in our mind, enjoying the present moment and having humanity all these are too much necessary, your son is fond of cricket and keeping that in mind you have nicely explained through the examples of the players, as at present i dont watch cricket but its really good to know about Sreyas Iyer.

  3. A very effective piece of advice to not only your son but all of us who are reading this post. I enjoyed the way you have used cricket and cricketers sayings and doings as a tool to teach your son life lessons.

    1. Yes Jay, My Kid is a typical sports person so to make him even do his schoolwork, we need to talk in Cricket lingo only, then only he would finish it off!!! Thanks for dropping by!

    1. It is so important to teach our children how to handle failure. As an elementary teacher, I see it all the time where the first time a child is allowed to fail is at school and they do not handle it well. They see it in a negative light, not as a step that gets them closer to success.

      1. I know, even my kid has that attitude. Only after watching multiple matches and seeing and hearing the interviews of these defeated captains/teams behave post the defeat, he is slowly learning that defeat is a stepping stone for success. But yet to reach that stage completely.

  4. So you are one big cricket family, I can see that. Wonderful lessons with super examples. Did your son read it? What was his reaction? Would love to know.

      1. Loved the analogy. The post made so much sense even for a non cricket fan like me.
        Advice associated with a memory from the play ground…a brilliant idea to impart important life gyaan to your little boy.
        I enjoyed reading you. 🙂


  5. Seems like son, Mommy is also a great fan of Cricket, I am amazed with your knowledge of cricket, and more than that I like your beautiful and brilliant way of making your son learn a lifetime tactics, to be his best version of himself. I am sure after a decade whenever your son will read this letter, must be very proud of his mom…..I Loved it!!

  6. Hi!! Firstly I want to say the thought is so beautiful and heart touching. Writing a letter to your son is very heart warming and it’s a responsibility also to pass the learning to your child. Congratulations. I loved the letter, truly. All the lessons were very useful, and I liked most “learning is a life long process.” Truly. You reminded me the story of Kaalpurush. In my childhood my uncle and I used to sit under the night sky and find out where is the Kaalpurush tonight. Lovely post. Best wishes to you and your son for this decade.

    1. Thank you Swarnali. He likes it only if we speak his language, thats why I always try to speak him about his interests only. And as parents, it really depends on our creativity to impart knowledge using his areas of interest

  7. I am following your blog since last year A2Z, shrav is surely lucky boy that his parents and grandparents keep him rooted to so many life lessons through stories and mythology. loved your style of writing.

  8. There’s no better way to capture transience of time than in a letter from a parent to a child. I’m going to use some pointers for my daughter ?

      1. A lovely unique way of teaching the kids valuable life lessons. Lecturing them never works so I loved your approach of using cricket and his hero Virat to bring home lessons that will stay with him for life. Much love.

  9. I like how you have used the love of cricket that your son has to teach him life lessons. All of the lesson you have taught are true for ages to come! Really enjoyed a lot.

  10. Wow mommy what an awesome letter to your kiddo, whenever he will read it this decade or later I’m sure he is going to cherish this. His love for cricket at this age is nice and i wish in 2030 to see him where he want to be in team. Living in present, gratitude, learning, practice all are great tips not only for kiddo but for all as humans too. I loved the line – you are at batting end and god is the bowler. Nice and unique take on decade.

    1. What a heartfelt letter. And such a unique way of explaining via cricket. You caught the right nerve and beautifully elucidated all the points. Wish you and your boy a great decade!

  11. Such a heart felt letter. And succinctly put that would appeal to a sever year old. Loved the way you spoke the language of cricket while imparting some great life lessons to you son.

  12. looks like u have given birth to a big cricket buff.. u have drawn beautiful parallels between the cricket and life ….living in the present moment is of utmost importance for this generation.. making friends is important and we need to make them realise. u have found a creative way of making the kids understand in the language they would relate and enjoy too.. kudos to u mommy! i loved ur parenting ideas while reading for #MyFriendAlexa and this post also enhances my love for u..

  13. Wow! What a post! I would love to pass this letter to my kids. Enjoying the present moment is very important for me too, I teach my kids too, live in the present moment, accept failures. Failure will come for sure If they are trying something new or simply doing something. Our mistakes teach us a new direction. Gratitude and humanity are the traits which I follow and want my kids will follow the same.

  14. If every parent could share these five lessons with their kids am sure the world would be a better place to live in. Children should know gratitude for pne and this generation has no patience at all.These should be inculcated in each millennial child. Life gyaan in this post Suhasini is perfect!

  15. Decades may change but these 5 teachings from a father to a child can never change. Absolutely bang on, we can falter on these. I hope we all follow this in our life for all the decades to come.

  16. Hey Suhasini, that was a wonderful letter to your son.
    Learning is a life long process. What was learnt yesterday is not enough for today as it gets updated. As parents it is important to keep the kid informed about the happenings around so that he/she turns self-reliant.

  17. Very wise and thoughtful letter. You have so creatively drafted it so that your child can relate to it. Hats off to ur efforts. The lessons are to the point and the most essential pointset survive peacefully in this world. All The best dear!!

    1. “only the people who complete a task irrespective of the number of failures they encounter are only called winners”

      All the points and the words are a beautiful compilation of experiences in a garland of thoughts for your Prince
      This is great thoughts in a few words..

      Thanks for this treat..
      Keep writing

  18. I loved your letter. You have given some sound advise to your son. I simply love when you say, the day you feel awkward to say thank you and sorry, that’s the day your growth as an individual will stop. This in my opinion, is the most important life lesson we need to teach our kids. Lovely post!!!

  19. Your son is blessed to have a mom like you. His passion for cricket is pretty evident but the support you give is all that I want to emphasize right now. You are amazing!

  20. Wonderful tips for your son for his growing years. Gratitude would take him a long way. And, will look out for him in 2030 cricket matches. 😉

  21. Such a great piece of parenting advice you had shared for your,these are the things that I often said to my girls. especially the importance of learning in life. I strongly believe that learning new things is most important thing in life. and as a kid and even as a grown up, we should never stop learning new things.

  22. These 5 golden tips not only apply to your son but everyone. How desperate are we for the things that we dream about that we forget to enjoy the present moment. Yes failure is an important part of success but how many of us will have the patience for the same.

  23. A heartfelt letter and some really wonderful lessons you have penned down. If I would write a letter to my kids, it would be quite similar on the lessons part. I am sure he will cherish this once he grows up ?

  24. Hey Suhasini, I agree with you that the day one hesitates to say those magical words, sorry and thank you, his growth as a human has stopped. Gratitude and humiliation are actually the true pillars of life. At every stage,we are learning.
    Wish you loads of luck

  25. Letters are a joy! I personally love writing and reading letters. When I read the title, I was excited.
    His interests are the best way he would understand. You have turned the Gentlemen’s game into a beautiful letter to your son, with perfect instances for him to remember! He is going to be a sorted adult. Wishing him luck!

  26. Dear Shravmusings, I got distracted while reading your post by your mention of the Kaalpurush. Infact I got so intrigued by the term that I researched it! Got to know that there is an acclaimed Bengali movie by the name! Coming back to your post, the approach of penning your thoughts for your son is refreshing and so fabulous! Though it does make the tone very prescriptive and while reading it one does struggle with one’s own thoughts which seem to argue with yours. But then good writing is supposed to stimulate thought, just like yours did! Cheers! – Rohit Verma

  27. Beautiful letter.
    The time keeps moving.. A decade has passed and there will be many more which will pass..but what is the point of our lives if we dont take lessons from the things happening during these decades.

    I loved your way of explaining the lessons of live to your son from incidents related to his favourite game.
    It is true that ultimately it comes down to how good a person you have become in all these decades.

    Here is wishing for a bright and amazing future for your son. Let his every decade be more glorious and happier…forever!


  28. I wrote a letter to my son when he turned 10 and shared similars pieces of wisdom with him. This will surely help him in moments of confusion when he grows up! Very practical and sensible advice from a mother to her son.

  29. This was so heartwarming to read, I loved the way you gave examples from cricket so that your son could relate and understand your point better. I am sure your son will love this letter and get a lot of wisdom which will surely help him sail through the coming years.

  30. Wow. with a mother like you, your son will not only become a spectacular sportsman, but will hit centuries in his life. It was a privilege to read your post.

  31. A beautiful written piece of treasure a mother can gift her child ever. He will always feel his mother by his side when he read this in future for sure. The boy is lucky !

    1. Yes, Corinne, he read it and was a little upset that I didn’t use Rohit and Bumrah’s incidents ? …at this age, all that matters to them is their role models and their behavior. Luckily this time around, I am able to get lots of positive news about these guys and able to tell my kid.?

  32. We could all benefit from the advice you have for your son, Suhasini. Wise words, and I have no doubts he will be thankful for them when he reads this letter.

  33. You are sharing some very wise lessons with your son! You’ve inspired me to do the same with mine. I may have to “borrow” some of your points (especially about failure, life-long learning and gratitude and humility).

  34. I was really expecting someone to write a letter based on this theme and here you are! A letter to a child is a precious one, it’ll stay with him forever. Wonderful lessons and you have explained them so effortlessly. Glad to have you on board 🙂

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