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Blog Tour | Hema Bisht’sBook – Tum Tak

It’s a great pleasure for me to participate in the Blog Tour for Hema Bisht’s book, Tum Tak. It’s been ages since I read a Hindi book in pure Hindi. It took me some time to understand it and once I got into the flow the book just spoke to me.

Genre: Romance

Publishor: Amazon KDP

Good Reads:

My Thoughts:

From the book cover itself, one can judge that this book has something to do with travel. Nice and intriguing book cover.

This is the story of a randomly normal girl Harsha. Set in the early years of this century, wherein communications have not taken us by storm and still, people took time and effort to communicate. This is a subtle love story, where Harsha is madly in love with Palash. The same is the case with Palash too.

But love marriage is not a common practice in society at that time and hence both Palash and Harsha will not be able to confess their love to each other. But the turmoil in their hearts and minds was described in such a rhyming and poetic way that Palash just stays with you even after the book is finished.

Since I am not able to type the passage from the book here in Hindi, I am using another good blogger friend’s (Pragun) reading of this book on her Youtube channel to showcase the beauty of the words used by the writer. The author has a very fine grasp of the language and hence the beauty of the words couldn’t be missed. Pragun is an upcoming poet and well-known blogger in the blogger circles.

Pragun’s Potpourri from Panchtatwa Girl

This is one joyful romantic ride for a lazy weekend to just chill out. This book is for sure shot going to bring out your best smile.

About the Author:

Hema Bisht is a former software Engineer, but now she started dabbling in writing and photography. She is currently living in Melbourne. She feels that it’s her duty to return some of the beauty and positivity with her writing to the beautiful world created by God. She says that God has created a beautiful world full of love and intimacy, which we seem to forget.

You can contact her at:

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