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Montessori Parenting books across all ages in a blog post by mommyshravmusings

My top favorite books about Montessori Parenting

I do get a lot of DM’s on my Instagram page about Montessori Parenting and the Experiential Learning that I follow with Shrav. In fact, in the pandemic-stricken world, where children complete most of their school online, it’s all the more important for parents to adopt the Montessori Parenting principles. The Montessori Parenting approach helps …

Book Review of Life 24 Essays

Book Review: Life – 24 Essays

I came across the author, Tomichan Sir’s blogs for the first time during this A2Z. The first post I read from this book is “Chiquitita’s Sorrows”. The name enticed me, while browsing through the Blogchatter Blogrolls, as this is one song, I use frequently to hear when it got released. I liked the deeper meanings …

Book Tour, Book Review Marijuana Mermaid

Book Review: Marijuana Mermaid

Marijuana Mermaid is a coming-of-age novel offered to me for review by Love Books Tours through an e-ARC. I took this novel for review as the main protagonist Leah’s character description in the blurb interested me. Details of the Book: Book Published Date: 20-April-2021 Length of the Book: 248 Pages Book Links: Amazon Book Blurb: …

Book Review: One Girl Many Lives

When five of my good friends have come together to write an anthology “One Girl, many lives“, I would automatically pick up that book for my next read. Only thing is that this time my review got delayed due to some personal reasons. Genre: Short Stories Publisher: Jimpify Publishers Published Date: 14 February 2020 Available …