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5 Important Teen Parenting tips from Kota Factory Series on Netflix

I was browsing the OTT platforms the other day to spend some time. Then I came upon Kota Factory as the most trending show on Netflix India, and I also heard about this title on social media. So thought of giving it a shot. I am a little weary of watching the OTT series on family television, as the tween in my house is getting curious day by day. Despite knowing that this series is a coming-of-age series, I somehow braved to watch it, as my child is busy with his world cup matches. But, after watching this series, I felt that there is no need to worry too much as a parent of a tween. But there are important teen parenting tips from the Kota factory that one shouldn’t forget to learn. Since this series revolves mostly around teenage problems, which I often see in my profession, I have decided to write about them along with a review of this series. Otherwise, I am not the person who would write in the entertainment genre. The only other show that I wrote about is The Family Man again from the parenting coach’s perspective.

About Kota Factory:

Kota Factory is an Indian web series that’s currently being aired on Netflix. This series has been made by TVF and Unacademy in a joint venture. Season 1 of this show was directly released on youtube in 2019, and season 2 was released on Netflix in September. From then onwards, it’s still trending as one of the top shows in India. Kota Factory is all about the IIT training institutes in the town called Kota in Rajasthan, India. This series captures the struggles of IIT aspirants in India and their hardships.

Important Parenting tips from Kota Fatory by Mommyshravmusings as the Parenting Coach

The lead cast includes one physics teacher called, Jeetu bhaiyya (played by Jitender Kumar), and a student, Vaibhav Pandey (played by Mayur More). They both are supported by other students, Meena, Udhay, Vartika, and Shivangi. Both the seasons of the Kota Factory capture the struggles, trauma, vulnerabilities, and anguish of these five students. They are being helped in different situations by their mentor, come teacher Jeetu bhaiyya.

My Review of Kota Factory:

Kota Factory series is totally different when compared to the other films or series in the coming-of-age genre. This series completely captures a teenager’s true struggles in India while aspiring to secure a seat in prestigious institutions for their professional degree. It’s been shot in black and white to symbolize the irony the students are going through in the name of IIT preparation. The grayscale of this series projects the claustrophobic feeling that most teenage kids go through while they are struggling to secure their future.

I liked the way Jeetu bhaiyya used his one-liners to motivate the kids. In Vaibhav’s words, Jeetu bhaiyya doesn’t lecture or give sermons, but he makes you experience and feels them. Which is most important not only for subjects like Physics but also for important life lessons. Jitendra Kumar has assayed this character of Jeetu bhaiyya with relative ease, and his acting skill shows the maturity that’s really required for a teacher. In fact, one can very confidently say that Jeetu bhaiyya is the show-stealer in the entire series. Here and there, other characters like Meena and Vaibhav take the limelight by playing their parts perfectly, but Jeetu bhaiyya is unstoppable. I wish everyone has a mentor like Jeetu bhaiyya in their real life.

The entire series is worth binge-watching and has been produced in the most natural way possible. For adults, this series would remind them of their teenage years and their struggles during that time. Teenagers can find their replicas in one of the characters of this series. For younger kids also, this series would serve as an eye-opener for what lies ahead of them in the future. So, I strongly recommend this series as a parenting coach for everyone.

Teen Parenting Tips from the Kota Factory:

As stated earlier, most of them coming to age films or books touch on the sweet little things of teenage life and end happily. They try to capture the sweet memories one has about their teenage years. But the Kota Factory series is a little different when compared to all of them. It hits the bullseye and projects the ugly and bitter truths about teenagers and their struggles and vulnerabilities. This series drives home a few important tips from a teen parenting perspective.

Important Parenting tips from Kota Fatory by Mommyshravmusings as the Parenting Coach

1. Don’t try to live your dreams through them

Our child is a different individual from us, and his/her path is not the same as ours. So we can’t have our expectations on them saying that they would fulfill our dreams. They would have to dream on their own and struggle to achieve them. When we force children to live for our dreams, their self-esteem will go down. Their mental/emotional problems would start while they try to balance our dreams with their dreams as well.

2. Understand your kid’s aspirations and desires, and support them

Every child need not or can not enter into IIT or some other prestigious institute in India. Their aspirations and desires would be different when compared to ours. As parents, we can only guide and show them different paths that life opens up in front of every individual. It’s ultimately the individual’s choice as to which way he/she will choose to travel.

3. Don’t compare them with every other person

Every child is different, and you can’t compare him or his tastes to the other kid. It’s time to understand their uniqueness and celebrate the same. When we encourage and support their uniqueness, then the kids will be able to achieve their true potential in a short span of time. Comparing the child to the other person will only erode his self-esteem levels, and he/she starts doubting their own capabilities.

4. Give them basic sex education at the earliest.

Teenage is the time when the hormones start playing havoc in one’s body. And that’s also the crucial time of their education. To succeed in one’s life in today’s competitive world, the teenager has to concentrate on his studies and goals completely. He/She can do it only when he understands the changes the hormones bring to his body. If we parents step up and counsel them about the changes that their bodies undergo during puberty and other basic facts about sex education, then the teenagers wouldn’t go in search of this knowledge. With the advantage of having the internet in their hands, it’s easy for them to get diverted and distracted when they don’t get the right answers from the right people at the right time.

5. Be their emotional anchor and support them when required

Parents need to have a strong emotional connection with their children. Only when you have that bonding will the teenage kids come to you for your help in solving their problems. Even though the teenagers might start living in the hostel for the sake of education, if you have that strong connection, you can provide moral support and help them solve their problems. As per recent studies by UNICEF, one in every 10 teenage kids is undergoing some form of anxiety or depression in India. Isn’t it an alarming number?

Final Thoughts:

As a parenting coach, I have seen an increase in the number of anxiety and depression cases in kids. Teenage kids are more vulnerable when compared to the other age brackets. Already teenage kids are under the stress of competition and studies. During this pandemic, as the studies moved into online mode, kids’ online presence has increased drastically, exposing them to several risks. The Kota Factory series aptly discusses the various risks and challenges teenage kids have to face. That’s another reason to make a note of the above-mentioned teen parenting tips from Kota Factory and start implementing them asap in our lives.

Suhasini, IP, is the Author of the book “Practical Tips for Kids Mental Health.” As a certified kids and parents life coach, she helps/guides you toward a happy family life for your kids. She firmly believes that “Emotionally Happy Kids of today are the Mentally Strong and Happy Citizens of tomorrow.” Let’s make the world a happy and beautiful place for our kids to thrive.


  1. This seems so good and I think almost all Indian teens go through this pressure of securing a seat in Top institute , whether or not they are interested in that.
    More than students
    We need to counsel parents .

  2. I have heard a lot about Kota Factory but couldn’t watch it. Your review is a strong reason to give it a try. I like the acting of Jitendra Kumar and that’s another incentive!

  3. I have watched Kota Factory and so loved every bit of it. Not only for I relived and cherished my own school board exam days and preparation days for engineering entrance exams, but also I was craving for the things that remained unnoticed at that time. Your post is a well researched one and could related everything here. Enjoyed reading your post and its pointers are beautifully brought out to the readers. Kudos to you.

  4. So true, Suhasini. Mental health is so important especially since the pandemic forced everyone to stay indoor with their actual families.

  5. I can relate when you say that we have to be careful when watching OTT series at home because our kids are always watching and learning. My son is only 5 years old but he’s so inquisitive that I have to be careful about everything I say and do.

    I’ve watched a few episodes of Kota Factory but I didn’t complete it because it reminded me of my time preparing for entrance exams. I hated that period of my life and didn’t want to be reminded of it.

    But the lessons you’ve gleaned from the series are so pertinent. I’m glad I saw your blog post because now I don’t have to complete the series!

  6. I really like how you share parenting lessons from book and series. The tips you shared are very important. Parenting a teenage is not easy. I have not watched the show, but it looks like a good one.

  7. I have been avoiding this one too but after this review i will surely be checking it out!! I am dreading my kiddos getting into teenage years, thankfully it will be a while for that ?

  8. I watched Kota factory when it was released and I found it a bit like TVF Aspirants. Yes, your takeaways from this show had given me a complete perspective about parenting.

  9. I heard a lot about the series Kota Factory but yet to watch. Loved the way you reviewed it , I know now what to watch next. Thanks for such detailed review.

  10. Enjoyed your post, Suhasini. Your takeaways on parenting from books and movies are always interesting to read. Kids are under so much pressure these days. The tips you shared will definitely help parents out there.

  11. How come I never heard of this series? Thanks for sharing it, dear, will watch it now for sure. I don’t have teens but my grandsons will grow up fast.

  12. I did not get a chance to watch this series yet but I completely agree with the points you shared here. Understand your child and do not live your dreams through them.

  13. I have not watched this series yet though it keep popping up as suggested views in my feed. very perceptive review. sounds to be a very different kind of series than the usual Hindi ones on OTT which is all about crime, bloodshed & sex

  14. I remember I was at an Internet cafè waiting for the results to my IIT examination. I didn’t make it and I thought it was the end of the world. 10 years later, I’m as happy as my IITian counterparts. I saw first few episodes of the show and hit me with solid nostalgia. Nice pointers there. Would be fun watching the entire season with them in my mind.

  15. Unfortunately many of we as parents get into the world of marksheet and degrees. All these are useless if the child doesn’t know how to use the knowledge in real life.
    Every child is different. There is nothing ashamed if a child less than 50 percent. He may or may not get good job in a company but may have a capability to start his own business and reach the heights of success.
    You have given a deep message in your post.

  16. Wondering how wonderful is this blog post??

  17. I’ve been meaning to watch this series and after reading your detailed and interesting comparison of the show with real-life parenting advice, I’m even more keen.

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